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Somewhere Over the Border

Online: 05/04/21 – 05/08/21

Inspired by Reina Quijada’s real life journey from El Salvador to the US and by L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Somewhere Over the Border embraces the factual and the fantastical in its depiction of one young girl’s pursuit of the American dream. As Reina travels north to the Mexican border, she gathers friends, faces down dangers and holds tight to the memory of the little boy she left behind. Set in the 1970s and propelled by Cumbia, Mexican Mariachi Boleros, American Rock and Hip Hop, this new musical is both fable and family history – and a testament to the determination born of love.

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The Heath

Online: 04/14/21 – 04/18/21

Lauren turns her storytelling on herself as she wrestles with how you make peace with a beloved relative who seems unlike you in every way. This beautiful, funny mediation on her South Carolinian grandfather’s life draws on everything from Shakespeare’s King Lear to Bluegrass banjo in a soul-stirring story of legacy, family, Alzheimer’s, World War 2, redemption, love, madness, and the science of memory.

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By Elaine Romero

Online: 03/10/21 – 03/14/21

When Limbs finds he can no longer receive instructions from Brain, he seeks to find a pathway back. When Claire loses connection with the life that she knew, she traces the streets, inside and outside her mind, in a love story that transcends language, bodies, and loss. Arizona Theatre Company’s Resident Playwright Elaine Romero’s autobiographical play examines how we love and find hope when we don’t have the words.

Halsted is presented as part of RomeroFest, a month-long celebration of the diverse, thoughtful and impactful works of ATC Playwright-in-Residence Elaine Romero with digital performances by theatre companies across the U.S. and in Mexico.

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By Elaine Romero

Online: 03/24/21 – 03/28/21

An heiress takes a naïve young woman under her wing  with her eye on landing the young woman’s husband. But the striving couple has their own agenda.

Ponzi is presented as part of RomeroFest, a month-long celebration of the diverse, thoughtful and impactful works of ATC Playwright-in-Residence Elaine Romero with digital performances by theatre companies across the U.S. and in Mexico.

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Online: 03/01/21 – 03/31/21

In collaboration with The Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre and Winding Road Theater Ensemble, ATC is producing RomeroFest, a month-long celebration of the diverse, thoughtful and impactful works of ATC Playwright-in-Residence Elaine Romero with digital performances by theatre companies across the U.S. and in Mexico.

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Protecting the health of our audiences, artists, and production staff is our first priority. Due to the recent pandemic surge and concerns over our ability to provide a safe production environment, Arizona Theatre Company has chosen to delay our 54th Season. To ensure the safety of our audiences, our artists, and our team, we will not be returning to live stage productions until it is safe to do so.

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#ENOUGH Plays To End Gun Violence

Online: 12/14/20 – 12/20/20
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By Idris Goodwin

Online: 11/18/20 – 11/22/20

This is an online play reading as part of our Digital Season.
This is a play about love.

Underscored by a hip-hop beat.

Love which is actually about growth.

Love that challenges you and helps you better understand who you are.

It’s a new play for those who fondly remember the first few decades of hip-hop culture, who went to roller skating rinks and dubbed cassette tapes in their basement and used to videotape every episode of Yo! MTV Raps.

It’s for those who have ever been inspired by an artist, in any medium, and have felt the world disappear when they watch him or her do what they do best.

It’s for those who remember what it’s like when you’re young and falling in love.

You don’t REALLY know yourself until you identify what or who you love – and what you are willing to do in the pursuit of it.

The Realness is a celebration of exactly that.

Come celebrate with us.

The Realness is a play reading of a work in progress. Please support ATC as we pull back the curtain on the play development process by sharing digital play readings of innovative new works by professional playwrights. Be part of the experience!

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Benjamin Scheuer: In Concert from London

Online: 10/15/20 – 10/27/20
This is an online event as part of our Digital Season.
In an exclusive for Arizona Theater Company, award winning singer-songwriter/children’s-book-author Benjamin Scheuer streams in from England, performing one of London’s first in-person concerts.
With music from his Drama Desk Award winning musical THE LION (which was directed by Artistic Director Sean Daniels), his popular children’s books “Hundred Feet Tall” and “Hibernate with Me,” along with new songs from his upcoming album, it’s an opportunity to spend an intimate evening with one of the most exciting artists of our generation.
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Until Mainstage Productions can be on stage and audiences can safely return to theatres, ATC is pulling back the curtain on the play development process by sharing digital play readings of innovative new works by up-and-coming playwrights. A part of the process to bring a play to the stage, play readings and workshops allow the playwright, director, cast and production staff to hear how a play reads, rework sections and try things out before they’re on stage.

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By Wendy MacLeod

Online: 09/15/20 – 09/19/20

This is an online reading as part of our Digital Season.
Irene and Peter just want to have a nice meal out on their big anniversary in Palm Springs. But their highly neurotic waiter, Stephen, will not bring them their food, and everything goes horribly, ridiculously wrong. This absurd server will have them examining everything from their menu choices to their very future together! Will their shared desperation get them their spanakopita—or end their marriage? Playwright Wendy MacLeod (Women in Jeopardy!) brings us a comedy for anyone who’s ever been “hangry.

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By Benjamin Benne
Directed by Catherine María Rodríguez

Online: 08/18/20 – 08/22/20

A mother, a daughter and the thread of an American Dream. Working mom Alma has singlehandedly raised her daughter, Ángel, on tough love, home-cooked comida, and lots of prayers. But on the eve of the all-important SAT, Alma discovers her daughter isn’t at home studying. A schooling and la chancla await Ángel at home—but so does a creeping realization that more’s at stake than just a test score. A sacrifice from Alma’s past weighs heavy on their present; now, Alma fears that her worst nightmare may soon be their reality. Will the American Dream cost them a life together?

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My 80-Year-Old Boyfriend

Book and Lyrics by Christian Duhamel, Music and Lyrics by Ed Bell, Conceived and Performed by Charissa Bertels
Directed by Sean Daniels

Tucson: 09/25/21 – 10/16/21
Phoenix: 10/21/21 – 11/07/21

A delightful award-winning musical about the magic that happens when we let ourselves say “yes.”

What happens when a 20-something Broadway baby meets a Shakespeare- and Schubert-loving octogenarian? Much to their surprise, a friendship blossoms. A delightful award-winning musical about the magic that happens when we throw aside our fears and cross generational barriers. Based on the true story of Broadway performer Charissa Bertels, and winner of the Kleban award for best new libretto, My 80-Year-Old Boyfriend is a loving musical tale about a most unlikely pair discovering themselves as well as each other. 

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Book by Lauren Gunderson
Lyrics by Kait Kerrigan
Music by Bree Lowdermilk


Tucson: 04/09/22 – 04/30/20
Phoenix: 05/05/22 – 05/22/22

A world premiere musical journey with two of the world’s most iconic women at the height of their power.

It is 1993, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg has just joined the United States Supreme Court; the first and only other woman there, Sandra Day O’Connor, is ready to welcome her and get to work. In an intimate, epic three-person new musical built of sweeping songs, urgent conversations about equality, and truly human heroines, we come to know these two iconic justices at the height of their power. Through a third character, Regina, rising through the ranks of the law, we discover how O’Connor and Ginsburg inspire, challenge, and propel the next generation of change-makers and trailblazers in American jurisprudence. Ruth, Sandra and Regina confront each other about equal justice under the law, strategy, civil rights, husbands, kids, dreams, sorrows, and how to set a new course for our country and the world. 

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By Lauren Gunderson & Margot Melcon
Directed by Sean Daniels

Tucson: 11/06/21 – 12/04/21
Phoenix: 12/09/21 – 01/02/22

Say hello to your new favorite holiday classic!

From the pen of the writer of last season’s hit Silent Sky, and America’s most produced playwright, comes this charming and cleverly imagined sequel to Pride and Prejudice. It is two years later and the Bennet family gathers at Pemberley to celebrate Christmas together. Unlike her witty and vibrant sisters, Mary Bennet is unmarried, nerdy, and growing tired of her role as the obedient middle sister. But an unexpected guest gives Mary the boost she needs to embrace her independence and find true love. Miss Bennet is an energetic, witty, and romantic holiday comedy about family, awkward nerd love and personal transformation that will delight and en-chant Jane Austen aficionados and newcomers alike. 

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By Christina Ham
Directed by Tiffany Nichole Greene

Tucson: 02/26/22 – 03/19/22
Phoenix: 03/24/22 – 04/10/22

A face-to-face musical evening with the fiery genius, activist, and musician that is Nina Simone.

Following the 1963 bombing by the Ku Klux Klan at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, she rocked the nation with “Four Women,” her tribute in song to the four little girls lost in the tragedy. Infused with traditional hymns along with her own songs and covers, Nina Simone: Four Women imagines a conversation between Simone and three African-American women from various back-grounds and experiences and their fight to overcome second-class status, racism, and the stereotypes that seek to define them.    

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By Wendy MacLeod
Directed By Sean Daniels

Tucson: 01/15/22 – 02/05/22
Phoenix: 02/10/22 – 02/27/22

A riotous comedy! 

Liz’s best friends want her to be happy, but the dentist she’s smitten with is just plain creepy. And they can’t help but wonder if he may be a serial killer. When he is linked to a mysterious disappearance, they turn their book club into a mash-up of Nancy DrewMurder She Wrote and Sex and the City. This hilarious comedy reminds us about the value of friendship and the potential value of trading in wine glasses for spy glasses when the mid-life crisis just isn’t your speed. 

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how to make an American Son

By christopher oscar peña
Directed by Kimberly Senior

Tucson: 06/04/22 – 06/25/22
Phoenix: 06/30/22 – 07/17/22

In association with Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre

A “Model Immigrant” and business mogul, Honduran born Mando’s cleaning empire is bracing for a downturn at the exact same moment when he must rein in his over-privileged American son Orlando. In the wake of a personal crisis, Orlando suddenly finds himself responsible for the fate of a treasured worker and the future of his father’s entire enterprise. What happens when the promise of the American Dream collides with the reality of immigration and family? A moving new play about the complexities of privilege, citizenship, and the most complex relationship of all: family. 

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Tucson: 03/07/20 – 03/28/21
Phoenix: 04/02/20 – 04/19/20

A big-hearted, FIERCE, music-filled comedy. A theatrical cornucopia of camp, country music, drag, domestic dilemmas, and larger-than-life divas awaits you! Casey is an Elvis impersonator with everything going for him, including a flashy sequin jumpsuit. But just like that he loses his gig, rent is overdue and his wife announces a baby on the way. So when Elvis leaves the building and a drag show moves in, “The King” transforms into an all-out queen with the help of some new friends who become the second family Casey never saw coming. With snappy zingers and dance-worthy numbers, this wildly entertaining story will challenge your assumptions with extraordinary humor and depth. A valentine to the drag queens who helped mentor the playwright through his own coming out as gay while growing up in Florida, ATC is thrilled to bring you this light and fizzy comedy that’s as sweet as it is hilarious.

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Directed by KENT GASH

Tucson: 01/18/20 – 02/08/20
Phoenix: 02/13/20 – 03/01/20

In a small South African tea shop in 1950, two black men and a white boy joke and dance together, defying the brutalities of apartheid through a personal connection built thru joy. But festering issues of family, race, and power are not so easy to ignore, and a single phone call can trigger catastrophe. 

One of the great plays of our time, twice on Broadway, winner of the Drama Desk and London Evening Standard Awards for Best Play, “Master Harold”…and the Boys reveals the profound personal consequences of oppression. Still timely, still compelling, still profoundly moving.

“…a blistering fusion of the personal and the political.” – New York Times

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Tucson: 09/07/19 – 09/28/19
Phoenix: 10/03/19 – 10/20/19

A power-packed boxing drama. The Royale is not your usual sports play. First of all, it is not really about life in the ring. Second, not a single punch will be thrown, at least not with fists. Set in 1910, deep in the midst of Jim Crow, the story is loosely based on the life of Jack Johnson, the world’s first African-American heavy weight boxing champion. The play explores one man’s struggle while reflecting a much broader one. It is also a play about a brother and his sister – his sister, who as he climbs for glory and respect, remains his greatest adversary and strongest motivation.

“Original and graceful. The Royale packs a punch!” – The New York Times

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Directed by CASEY STANGL

Tucson: 10/22/19 – 11/09/19
Phoenix: 11/14/19 – 12/01/19

A celebration of discovery, originality, and curiosity.Based on the true story of 19th-century astronomer Henrietta Leavitt, astonishing discoveries await as she maps distant stars in galaxies beyond our own. But this brilliant, headstrong pioneer must struggle for recognition in the man’s world of turn-of-the-century astronomy. During this time of immense scientific discoveries, women’s ideas were dismissed until men claimed credit for them.  In this exquisite blend of science, history, family ties, and fragile love, a passionate young woman must map her own passage through a society determined to keep a woman in her place.

“Bottom line: Heavenly” – Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Music by JOHN KANDER | Lyrics by FRED EBB
Music Director JESSE SANCHEZ | Choreographer JACLYN MILLER

Tucson: 11/30/19 – 12/29/19
Phoenix: 01/04/20 – 01/26/20

Wilkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!Cliff Bradshaw, an American author working on a novel in Berlin, encounters Sally Bowles, a talented cabaret performer, at the seedy Kit Kat Klub where she sings. When she is fired by the club’s owner, also her jealous boyfriend, she moves in with Cliff and the two fall in love. As the Nazis begin taking control of the German government, the atmosphere of the Kit Kat Klub and the lives of Cliff and Sally begin to change dramatically. At its core, Cabaret is a big, award-winning musical critique of apathy, and a chilling look at totalitarianism.

“…a masterpiece of musical theatre” – Chicago Tribune

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