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Due to COVID-19, ATC has cancelled all programming including Summer on Stage 2020. We look forward to seeing you at Summer on Stage 2021. For more information and our official statement, click here.  

Summer on Stage and Summer Backstage is our teen summer intensive designed to empower young artists through the journey of creating theatre. 

We want to empower you to dream big and become the best artists and people you can be.  

Using theatre as a catalyst to inspire your creativity, we will explore acting, singing, dance, costumes, scenery, lighting, sound and more!  

Students choose to focus on either performance or technical theatre through taking classes and collaborating on the production of two fully staged productions.  

Summer on Stage and Summer Backstage are currently only in Tucson, AZ at the Temple of Music and Art. We are in the works of planning a Phoenix Summer Program for 2021.  

We’ve made some changes in 2020! 

We are excited to let you know about some changes in 2020! 

We’ve added three days, but changed Fridays to early release. This change allows us more time to teach about the audition process, ensuring that all students are given the tools needed to success in their show auditions. Early release on Fridays, gives our students more time to rest in what is otherwise a very intense process, and gives us time to plan optional extra-curricular activities! 

Registration is now online! This adds a slight cost- your registration fee went up by $12.99, but this gives us an online payment system, a customizable payment plan option, and the ability to process registrations and scholarship applications in a timelier manner.  

If you are applying for a scholarship, pay nothing up front. In the past, scholarship applicants still had to pay a registration fee, which was cost prohibitive to some. In an effort to be more accessible to all, scholarship applicants will pay no registration fee.  

We’ve always had performance and technical theatre option, but this year we want to add a third option for those who love both. We love multipotentialites, and know that its okay to not be able to decide between two things you love. We want to make space for students to study all of their passions within our program. If you are interested in this option reach out to us and we’ll create a path for you based on your interests.  

We will no longer be using the UA for classes and rehearsals. This summer we will host everything at ATC’s downtown campus at the Temple of Music and Art and the Scene Shop. We hope that this creates more unity between all students and staff as we will all be working under one roof for the majority of the time.


Choose Your Focus

Artists in our summer program have the option of focusing on the onstage performance aspects or backstage technical aspects of theatre. Special arrangements can be made for students who would like to explore both.
On Stage

Develop performance skills and experience a professional rehearsal process with Summer on Stage! ATC staff and teaching artists support an extraordinary summer learning experience, leading students through a variety of acting, voice, and movement classes in the morning, and afternoon rehearsals leading to fully produced performances – one play and one musical – on the stage at the Temple of Music and Art.


Participants explore the wonders of technical theatre – costumes, set building and painting, props, sound design, and lighting – while creating a technical theatre portfolio and learning from ATC’s team of professional designers and technicians about theatrical design and management. This is done in preparation for their production role in the fully produced performances – one play and one musical.

Pricing & Registration

Summer on Stage registration is closed. Check back next year when registration for Summer on Stage 2021 opens.


The Shows

Check back here once shows have been announced to learn more! 

Or email education@arizonatheatre.org to be invited to our show reveal party!  


Check back here when the Summer on Stage 2021 schedule is set.

Prepare For Your Session

Is this in Tucson or Phoenix?
Summer on Stage is a Tucson based program. We are currently working to create a Phoenix summer program. 

What should I bring each day?
You are welcome to bring backpacks / bags, paper, and writing utensils. You NEED to bring water every day!!

What should I wear each day?
Plan to dress for comfort and safety. Wear clothes you can move in and shoes that cover your toes.

Audition Information (for Summer on Stage students):

  • You will be required to perform a monologue and a song. Details about audition material will be mailed out with your welcome packets two weeks before the program starts.
  • Auditions will take place on the third day.
  • Everyone auditions for both shows, although you can indicate your preference.
  • Everyone will be cast in one show, either the play or the musical.

Audition Tips:

  • Wear something simple, comfortable, and professional. You should be able to move in it. No graphic tees or distracting writing.
  • Don’t forget to BREATHE.
  • Practice your slate (introduction).
  • Make bold choices.
  • Don’t rush. This is your moment – own it.
  • Enunciate.
  • Use the space – but stay away from pointless wandering / fidgeting feet.
  • Be committed to your choices.
  • Project, but don’t strain your voice.
  • Sing from your diaphragm – support the sound.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Take care of your voice / throat: avoid coffee and dairy.
  • Remember, nerves are normal.
  • Harness that nervous energy and create adrenaline.
  • If you make a mistake, keep going!!
  • Everyone has to sing. Everyone has different voices. We want to hear everyone’s voice.
  • Warm up your body. Stretch beforehand, and keep your muscles loose.
  • We know not everyone is a trained dancer, and that’s okay! Show us your personality. It’s not about the execution, it’s about the energy. Try, try, try!!


Summer on Stage fellowship applications are closed until Summer on Stage 2021

We are excited to offer a Fellowship for 19-year-old students who have graduated from Summer on Stage or Summer Backstage. Fellows participate in Summer on Stage or Summer Backstage alongside the students, while also acting as mentors and group leaders to the students, and assistants to the staff. Some of the duties fellows will be responsible for include writing blog posts about their experience, posting to social media, and leading some group activities. Summer on Stage Fellows will be cast in the shows, and Summer Backstage Fellows will be given a production role, so that they can be models of the creative process alongside the students. 

Successful fellowship applications will have a strong interest in pursuing theater as a profession, completed at least one year of Summer on Stage or Summer Backstage in good standing, and have excellent mentoring and leadership skills. 

Download the application form to apply.


Arizona Theatre Company supports the ongoing learning of professional interns every season. Each internship is unique and created with the specific individual in mind. Our internships are built around our interns’ personal passions, abilities, and educational goals. We provide a solid and inclusive professional experience within our company that serves as a springboard to their future career.

Visit our Internships page for more information, including how to apply, or download the application here.