Arizona Theatre Company stands in solidarity with the Black Community

As an organization dedicated to reflecting, supporting and championing all of our community, our hearts are breaking.

To our Black brothers and sisters, we know that silence is complicity, so want to make it clear:

We see you. We are with you. Your lives matter.

Just this year we were proud to have produced The Royale and “Master Harold”…and the Boys – both dealing with racism. Both encouraging us to ask: What was our role in setting up, or accidentally benefiting from these inequitable systems? Both encouraging the conversation around the most important question: what are we doing now to dismantle them?

There are no easy answers at this point, but we want to make it clear that this type of questioning, this type of investigation, is at the center of the work we do – and in moments when it seems like plays are inadequate, we switch to being a resource for conversation, compassion, but mostly to listening to our community about where they are, and what they need next.

If you haven’t seen, just this past Saturday our Artistic Director Sean Daniels talked with Director Kent Gash (“Master Harold”…and the Boys) about this subject, as well as many others.

We will continue to collect more places that are referenced in our conversations on our Hang & Focus Resources Page.

As always, Arizona Theatre Company invites all to the conversation in this moment.