Online : 04/14/21 - 04/18/21


The Heath

This is an online audio play as part of our Digital Season.

Lauren turns her storytelling on herself as she wrestles with how to make peace with a beloved relative who seems unlike you in every way. This beautiful, funny mediation on her South Carolinian grandfather’s life draws on everything from Shakespeare’s King Lear to Bluegrass banjo in a soul-stirring story of legacy, family, Alzheimer’s, World War 2, redemption, love, madness, and the science of memory.

“I want to tell you about the deceiving simplicity of the confessional tone, about the way Gunderson weaves together King Lear and music lessons and even scientific asides about the empty space between dendrites that mysteriously house the memories in our own brains. I want to tell you all these things. But more than anything, I just want to tell you to see THE HEATH and experience the simple magic of theatre.” – Neil Shurley, BroadwayWorld.com

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Events & Community Conversations

April 9 at 4 p.m. – ATC’s Hang & Focus Live featuring Playwright Lauren Gunderson and Sound Designer Danny Erdberg


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Lauren Gunderson

Sean Daniels

Danielle Zandri
Production Stage Manager

Daniel Erdberg
Sound Designer


John Larroquette
KD / King Lear

Lauren Gunderson