Where do I park?

Where do I park?

Surface street metered parking is available along Monroe Street and 2nd Street. All meters are from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, including holidays. Prices may vary by location. Please contact the City of Phoenix for more information.

For subscribers who have chosen ATC’s prepaid parking at Chase Tower garage in Phoenix, each of your vouchers is valid for one show. If you exchange into another performance, that voucher will still be valid. Street parking and nearby garages are also available. Parking fees vary and are subject to change. ATC donors who contribute $2,000 or more receive complimentary parking passes.

Chase Parking Garage for Chase Tower in Phoenix is located on 1st Street between Van Buren Street and Monroe Street (enter from 1st or 2nd Streets).

Other nearby public parking facilities include the Phoenix Convention Center Garage (enter off of 2nd Street just south of Monroe Street), The Arizona Center (enter off of Fillmore Street or heading north on 5th Street between Van Buren Street and Monroe Street) and the Hyatt Regency Garage (enter off 2nd Street just north of Adams Street and south of Monroe Street).