Intern with Arizona Theatre Company

Arizona Theatre Company supports the ongoing learning of professional interns every season. Our internships are built around our interns’ personal passions, abilities, and educational goals. We provide a solid and inclusive professional experience within our company that serves as a springboard to their future career. Applicants from populations underrepresented in theatre are strongly encouraged to apply.


Download our full internship description here.

Download our internship application here.

Specific skill demands vary by department but basic requirements for any ATC internship include computer literacy, a sense of humor, passion, and curiosity.

Internships vary depending on the individual applicant and their area of interest. However, all internships at Arizona Theatre Company include:

  • Shadowing of theatre professionals, creating contacts that could lead to opportunities following the internship
  • Working in our Education programs mentoring students in your area of focus
  • Creative development with ongoing evaluation and skill-based learning
  • Cross-departmental work within the company to aid understanding of how a non-profit arts organization works as a whole
  • Space to tailor the internship to individual needs and interests
  • Complimentary tickets to all ATC productions
  • Monthly Intern Salons on varying topics related to theatre
  • A supportive and welcoming environment in which to grow


We have three types of internships based on the age, level of experience, education and expertise of the applicant: The ATCteen Externship, the College Internship, the Post-Grad Apprenticeship.

ATCteen Externship

Must be 16-19 years old

Priority given to students needing an internship or senior project for high school graduation requirements

Must become an ATCteen member (visit the ATCteen page for more information on how to join).

Externships run afterschool, on the weekends, and on school holidays. They are typically 5-6 hours per week for a semester.

College Internships

For the college student looking to grow their skills by working and learning in a professional environment. Individuals who are not actively in college, but are between the age of 18 and 22 may also apply.

Significant knowledge in your desired area of study is required, but interns may have a range of experience levels. In this Internship, you will work directly with professionals in your field gaining valuable insight, knowledge and connections. You will also serve as a mentors for the ATCteen program.

These internships can be full or part time depending on the position. Part time internships are designed to be used for college credit. Full time positions are paid a small weekly stipend.

Post Graduate Apprenticeship

An Apprenticeship is the perfect way to transition from academia to the professional world. Our Apprenticeship program is targeted towards recent grads from Bachelors or Masters Programs, however other candidates who have significant experience in their field but want to move to the next level will be considered.

Currently, Post Graduate Apprenticeships are only offered in Production Management, Stage Management, and Technical Theatre.

These positions are based on a 40-hour work week with the exception of technical rehearsals, and are paid a weekly stipend.


For full year internships the dates are: September 2019 through May 2020. Specific start and end dates are negotiable.

Semester long internships are available for Fall: September 2019 to December 2019 and for Spring: January 2020 to May 2020.

Summer Internships through our Summer on Stage program are also available. Please see our Summer on Stage Internship Page for more information, as this differs from our Professional Internship Program.


  • Artistic
  • Literary/Dramaturgy
  • Learning & Education
  • Community Engagement
  • Company Management
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Development
  • Production Management
  • Stage Management
  • Acting
  • Technical Theatre
    • General Production
    • Technical Direction
    • Scenic Construction
    • Scenic Painting
    • Props
    • Costumes/Wardrobe
    • Electrics
    • Sound

Click here to download the full internship descriptions for each area of focus.


Complete our application and return it to us along with a cover letter, three references and a current resume and optional portfolio or website link.

E-mail your completed application to internships@arizonatheatre.org


Summer on Stage is the Learning & Education’s summer conservatory program. Student artists comprising of performers, designers and technicians come together to create two fully staged productions, while also taking classes and exploring all that theatre has to offer. All internships have a small stipend, and housing can be provided for out of town applicants. 

Our Summer on Stage interns help mentor students through the process while also learning from professional artists in their field. Summer on Stage interns must be 19 or older, in college or with equivalent experience in their field of interest.

Download the Application Here

Learn More about Summer on Stage

Areas of Focus

Education Admin – Help the Education staff run the program through assisting with daily management tasks such as maintaining the SOS Binder of student information, facilitating check-in and check-out, and taking photos and videos for social media. They will also be responsible for planning between show meals, coordinating the gallery display, facilitating some reflections and group activities, and helping with class material prep. Any of the staff may also ask they to help in class or with other administrative tasks.  

Needed: 1-2 interns 

9-5 M-F most days (some shorter days throughout) 

Directing – Each directing intern will serve as an assistant director on one of the two shows. As assistant director their duties will include notetaking, warm-ups, keeping a running task list, research or dramaturgical tasks related to the show, and assisting the director in other ways as needed. They may also be given one scene, character or situation to block and direct. Directing interns should also expect to participate in some classes and group sessions. Directing interns will be asked to help guide and mentor the students and fellows in each show, facilitate group sessions and reflections, assist in classes as needed.  

Needed: 2 interns 1 per show 

1-5 most days some 9-5 days M-F. Production meetings 5-7 once a week. Starts a week before the program begins.

Production & Design – Production interns should expect to work directly with the designer or technician in their chosen discipline, while also mentoring the students in the program. Production interns are responsible for assistant teaching in classes and helping to facilitate production work time. Each intern will also be given a section of one of the shows to design. Students can pick to intern in Lighting, Scenery & Paint, Props, Sound or Costumes 

Needed: 1 intern per discipline (5 total)  

9-5 M-F. Production meetings 5-7 once a week. Prep work before the program begins.

Stage Management – Stage Management interns will serve as Assistant Stage Managers on each show.  

In the two weeks leading up to the program they will assist with preparing rehearsal schedules, scenic breakdowns, prop lists, auditions etc. During the program the interns will facilitate auditions, be in all rehearsals and will assist with notetaking, rehearsal reports, the creation of shift plots and other paperwork as needed. Interns may also be asked to help with classes and group activities outside of rehearsal as needed.  

Needed: 2 interns 1 per show 

9-5 M-F most days, 1-5 M-F some days. Production meetings 5-7 once a week. Starts a week to two weeks before the program begins.

Dance/Choreography – The Dance Intern will work with the choreographer who creates original dances and develop new interpretations of existing dances. Be the right hand of the choreographer. Know the moves of all parts of the show under the choreographer’s direction. Be able to help cast with choreography when the choreographer is too busy. And keeping tabs of all notes given at note sessions. 

Needed: 1 intern

Music Direction  The Musical Direction Intern works under the supervision of the resident musical director. Musical direction interns have the opportunity to serve as rehearsal accompanist for musical theater classes and student productions. Assist students with music preparation. Assist the music director in rehearsals with note taking and will be required in all music rehearsals and the audition. 

Needed: 1 intern