Arizona Theatre Company supports the ongoing learning of professional interns every season. Each internship is unique and created with the specific individual in mind. Our internships are built around our interns’ personal passions, abilities, and educational goals. We provide a solid and inclusive professional experience within our company that serves as a springboard to their future career. Applicants from populations underrepresented in technical theatre are strongly encouraged to apply.


Specific skill demands vary by department but basic requirements for any ATC internship include computer literacy, a sense of humor, passion, and curiosity. Internships vary depending on the individual applicant and their area of interest. However, all internships at Arizona Theatre Company include:

  • Shadowing of theatre professionals, creating contacts that could lead to
  • opportunities following the intern year
  • Creative development with ongoing evaluation and skills-based learning
  • Production experience: interns are involved in all ATC productions
  • Cross-departmental work within the company to aid understanding of how a
  • non-profit arts organization works as a whole
  • Space to tailor the internship to individual needs and interests
  • Complimentary tickets to all ATC productions
  • A supportive and welcoming environment in which to grow

Internships are based on a 40-hour work week with the exception of technical rehearsals and the intern receives a weekly stipend of $150 to assist with living expenses. Housing is not provided. Non-paid school credit internships are also available throughout the season.

Production Interns in all areas are eligible for additional employment within the department and Arizona Theatre Company. Opportunities include run crew, FOH staff, and administrative support and are available as the needs of the company and the department permit.

For Production Intern Descriptions, click here.


August 2019 through May 2020. Specific start and end dates are negotiable.


Complete our application form and return it to us along with a cover letter, three references and a current resume. E-mail your completed application to productionjobs@arizonatheatre.org.


To apply for any of the below Education internships, download our Education Internship Application Form and email the completed application to ijimenez@arizonatheatre.org.

Education Admin- Help the Education staff run the program through assisting with daily management tasks such as maintaining the SOS Binder of student information, facilitating check-in and check-out, and taking photos and videos for social media. They will also be responsible for planning between show meals, coordinating the gallery display, facilitating some reflections and group activities, and helping with class material prep. Any of the staff may also ask they to help in class or with other administrative tasks.  

Needed: 1-2 interns 

Parking included. Unpaid. 9-5 M-F most days (some shorter days throughout)  

Directing– Each directing intern will serve as an assistant director on one of the two shows. As assistant director their duties will include notetaking, warm-ups, keeping a running task list, research or dramaturgical tasks related to the show, and assisting the director in other ways as needed. They may also be given one scene, character or situation to block and direct. Directing interns should also expect to participate in some classes and group sessions. Directing interns will be asked to help guide and mentor the students and fellows in each show, facilitate group sessions and reflections, assist in classes as needed.  

Needed: 2 interns – 1 per show 

Parking Included. Unpaid. 1-5 most days some 9-5 days M-F. Production meetings 5-7 once a week. Starts a week before the program begins.  

Production & Design – Production interns should expect to work directly with the designer or technician in their chosen discipline, while also mentoring the students in the program. Production interns are responsible for assistant teaching in classes and helping to facilitate production work time. Each intern will also be given a section of one of the shows to design. Students can pick to intern in Lighting, Scenery & Paint, Props, Sound or Costumes 

Needed: 1 intern per discipline (5 total)  

No UA parking. Stipend provided. 9-5 M-F. Production meetings 5-7 once a week. Prep work before the program begins.  

Stage Management – Stage Management interns will serve as Assistant Stage Managers on each show.  

In the two weeks leading up to the program they will assist with preparing rehearsal schedules, scenic breakdowns, prop lists, auditions etc. During the program the interns will facilitate auditions, be in all rehearsals and will assist with notetaking, rehearsal reports, the creation of shift plots and other paperwork as needed. Interns may also be asked to help with classes and group activities outside of rehearsal as needed.  

Needed: 2 interns – 1 per show 

Parking included. Stipend provided. 9-5 M-F most days, 1-5 M-F some days. Production meetings 5-7 once a week. Starts a week to two weeks before the program begins