2021/2022 Stage Hero Flex Subscription Renewal

Thank you for supporting Arizona Theatre Company! As a Stage Hero who donated your 2020/2021 Subscription, we’re delighted to offer you the first chance to renew your subscription and reserve your seats at the early bird rate (2019/2020 prices!) plus a $24 Stage Hero discount on every package. Just fill out the form below referring to the renewal form we mailed to you, and we will confirm your subscription and call you for credit card payment.

We appreciate you subscribing to attend select shows during the season. To simplify your ticket-buying process, we have created a new Flex Pass to allow you to purchase the number of tickets you need while affording the benefits of choosing your shows and choosing your seats when you want. Plus, you now can upgrade to the Premium level for the best seats in the house and still enjoy the flexibility of redeeming passes for seats to the shows you want. Remember, Flex Passes let you use them in any combination, so you can use them however you want … all for one show or spread them out among the shows. It’s totally up to you!

Subscriptions alone do not cover the cost of our world-class productions. Please consider making a donation to help ATC bring you an amazing season of live, in-person entertainment you can’t see anywhere else.