Q: How is Arizona Theatre Company managing this COVID-19 pandemic?

A: We acknowledge that everything in the world has changed in 2020 with the worldwide pandemic, and there is perhaps no industry more impacted than the arts. But we’re adapting every single day. We’re working with other theatres and the theatre community across the country to identify creative ways to ensure that after 54 years, Arizona Theatre Company, and THEATRE as a whole, emerges from this health crisis.

At the forefront of all our planning is you, our ATC family, and the desire to reimagine theatre that connects us in healthy ways in the midst of a constantly changing world. We couldn’t make it through this without your support and investment in our future!


Q: With COVID-19, is Arizona Theatre Company going to be able to perform in the theatres?

A: Due to the pandemic surge and community restrictions, we announced on December 7 that we will need to again delay our 54th Season. Unfortunately, hiring local talent, bringing actors and directors to Arizona, holding in-person rehearsals and bringing audiences into the theatres – even with safety precautions and social distancing – present health risks. Plans are to return to live stage productions when it is safe to do so, hopefully later in 2021.

As a League of Resident Theatres (LORT) member, Arizona Theatre Company is among 75 theatres nationwide that work with three national unions to produce plays and musicals with top-quality professional casts and crews. Each season, ATC produces six unique productions and is the only LORT theatre in Arizona as well as the only theatre in the country that presents in two cities.


Q: What steps is Arizona Theatre Company taking to keep us safe when it is able to return to live stage performances?

A: Arizona Theatre Company management has already taken extensive steps at significant cost to ensure the safety of our staff, and we have invested in significant plans to make our theatres as safe as possible for the time we feel it is safe for our audiences, artists and staff to return to Live.

Arizona Theatre Company follows up-to-date guidelines provided by state health officials and city health departments, and we exceed national CDC guidelines.

While we do not know what the guidelines will be when we are able to get back on stage, we have taken preemptive steps to adhere to and exceed current safety requirements, such as social distancing, face mask requirements for all staff and attendees, and enhanced sanitation, safety and disinfecting protocols. We also will consider socially distanced seating if necessary.

Additionally, in our Tucson facility, the Tempe of Music and Art, significant investment has been made into upgrading the HVAC system to substantially improving ventilation to protect our audiences.



Q: With the delay of the 54th Season, what does that mean for my current season subscription?

A: With the suspension of the season due to the insecurity of the pandemic, your season tickets are on hold. If you purchased a subscription for the 2020/2021 season, your subscription remains valid and your tickets are safely on hold for use at a later date. You have the option to donate your tickets to ATC and will receive a tax-deductible donation. Should you choose to hold your subscriptions, they will be valid for the next Season, which we hope will be back live in late 2021.


Q: What options do I have to manage my current season tickets?

We are grateful for your support and our goal is to provide the best options for your needs and family. As we face unprecedented times, we are providing the following options for your season tickets. As you know, without ticket sales, these times are not easy for any business.

  1. Donate Your Tickets Turn your tickets into a donation for Arizona Theatre Company to help us weather this pandemic and continue our development of premier works for when we are able to bring live theater back to the stage. You will receive a tax receipt for this donation. Plus, if you subscribe again for the next season, you will be able to reserve your same seats for when we are able to return to the theatre. CLICK HERE to initiate your ticket donation.
  2. Hold on to Your Tickets – Your current season tickets are valid for the next season, when we are safe to return to live theatre. Once we are able to produce live theatre, we will notify you of the shows and dates for the new season. Please ensure that we have your updated contact information. CLICK HERE to tell us you want to hold your tickets.


Q: Should I choose to not donate my subscriptions, will my subscriptions be valid for next season?

A: The best way to help ATC is to become a Stage Hero and turn your current subscription into a tax-deductible donation, but should you choose to hold your subscriptions, they will be valid for the next Season, which we hope will be back live in late 2021. If you choose to hold onto your tickets for the new Season, once we are able to produce live theatre, we will notify you of the shows and dates for the new season. Please ensure that we have your updated contact information.


Q: Do I have any other options to manage my current season subscription?

A: We value your commitment and support of live theatre in Arizona, and your participation with ATC is our top priority. We want to make sure that your needs are met for you and your family. If you have questions about your other options in lieu of a donation or instead of holding on to your tickets, please contact our ticket specialists directly at (520) 622-2823 or (602) 256-6995.



Q: I’m an Arizona Theatre Company Subscriber. What can I do to help the theatre during these unusual times?

A: As a loyal supporter of live theater here in Arizona, the most meaningful way you can support Arizona Theatre Company through this delay is to become a Stage Hero by turning your subscription into a donation. All donations will receive a tax receipt.

Once your donation is processed you will:

  • Be amongst the first to know about the upcoming 2021/2022 season lineup and be given the opportunity to purchase your season subscription at last season’s prices. You will also receive an additional $25 off each subscription.
  • Lock in your seats from last season to secure in the new season (when it happens)
  • Receive a special invite to a donor appreciation event celebrating your generosity and our return to live theatre.
  • Be recognized as a Stage Hero for the upcoming season.
  • Receive exclusive access to new works, readings and creative projects in the works.


Q: Why should I donate my subscriptions now and subscribe again later?

A: There are many reasons! As with any business, without revenue, survival is a challenge. By turning your current tickets into a donation now, you will be helping Arizona Theatre Company survive during this incredibly difficult time for the arts, as our ticket sales have all been suspended. We have reduced expenses dramatically during this time, but getting back into production is expensive, and the creative work continues to ensure that our return to the stage brings you the quality, professional theatre you have come to expect from your state theatre company.

As we have mentioned, although we are not producing live theatre, which also means we cannot stream live theatre, our amazing creative team has several very exciting premiere works in progress. These original works include two new musicals, including a musical about U.S. Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sandra Day O’Connor, plus a jukebox musical featuring the music of the iconic band Chicago

Multiple new plays are also in workshop, and all these new works also allow us the chance to employ local and national actors, playwrights and composers, who have been some of the hardest hit segments of our theatre community.

We believe it is important to continue to create and feed the artistic needs of our community during these times. Your donation supports our efforts to keep these vital participants in our state arts community connected with the work.

And, although the theatres are dark in Phoenix and Tucson, the cost of maintaining the company in two cities is not insignificant. We have and continue to streamline our budgets and costs, but returning to an unknown season without a specific start date still requires that we  manage buildings including our theatre, provide building maintenance, install HVAC upgrades, drive development work, manage local talent support, grow education programs, fund licensing to maintain our standing as a professional theatre, and be ready to go when the time is safe. 

Your donation helps to keep the wheels turning in both cities, and allows us to be ready with new works, safe spaces and the high-quality professional productions you expect from your official state theatre.


Q: What if I already turned back my season tickets to the company at an earlier date?

A: Some people have already ‘turned back’ their subscriptions, while others believe they have done so. If you are unsure, please confirm that your subscription has been turned into a tax-deductible donation by completing the Turn Your Subscription into a Donation form to ensure that we have your official notice.


Q: Is there anything else I can do to help ATC continue to prepare for coming back to live theatre productions in Tucson and Phoenix?

A: Arizona Theatre Company has been without ticket sales in both cities for months, and we know that these times are not easy. We ask for your support and investment in keeping theatre alive for our community.

You can make a donation to ATC and help us transform the lives of every Arizonan through the power of theatre.

Click here to learn more.



Q: While not performing on stage and in production, what are you doing creatively at this time?

A: Although theatres across the country are dark, Arizona Theatre Company’s creative light is shining brighter than ever as we pivot to adapt and address this new normal. ATC is committed to returning on stage in a healthy way. We have cut expenses significantly, like nearly all arts organizations, and have a core of staff and volunteers who are working tirelessly to continue to build ATC’s future.

Arizona Theatre Company continues its ongoing creative efforts with new works, readings, collaborations, and workshops, all part of our vision to bring back the best in live professional theatre to our stage. ATC’s creative team will be expanding our successful Digital Season to include behind-the-scenes involvement in the direct work as it happens with artists, writers and composers – which will offer exclusive access for subscribers and donors.

To keep up with the exciting work, be sure that you are subscribed to our newsletters.


Q: What is the ATC Digital Season?

A: Starting with The White Chip in May, ATC launched the first in an expanded series of digital plays, readings, monologues and podcasts including virtual co-productions with six theatre companies and top creative minds. This was an extensive adaptation from live theatre to safe, digital productions to help keep our theatre lovers connected to the artform we love and support.

Among the collaborators of ATC’s digital season are “America’s most-produced living playwright” Lauren Gunderson, Tucson playwright Monica Bauer and the Mariachi stylings of Brian Quijada. With a focus on Arizona, ATC is starting a project to tell the true story of Arizona’s great statesman, Senator John McCain.

ATC produced its Latinx Playwriting Award digitally, to ensure that the hard work of Latin artists continues to be recognized, even when theater buildings are dark. This year’s winners was Benjamin Benne.

Additionally, ATC’s Hang & Focus Live, a weekly Facebook Live show and podcast, hosted by our own Sean Daniels and Chanel Bragg, engages the community in topics of current relevance has garnered tens of thousands of viewers and will continue. You can tune in every Friday at 4:00 p.m. or see previously aired shows on our website.

You can find out more information about the Digital Season on our website and through newsletters and other communications.



Q: I left a message for the Arizona Theatre Company box office and haven’t heard back yet.

A: Thank you for your patience. As part of our cost-cutting efforts, maintaining two box offices without ticket sales has met with some changes. We are currently experiencing a high volume of calls and are working with fewer staff. We appreciate your patience and understanding and will try to reach everyone as soon as possible.


Q: What should I do if I’m not receiving emails from Arizona Theatre Company?

A: With the expanded creative efforts in our digital season, you won’t want to miss out on the news surrounding these premiere works!  We regularly send emails to subscribers, previous ticket holders and others who sign up to receive our emails. If you are not receiving emails from Arizona Theatre Company, please add info@arizonatheatre.org to your trusted senders list.

To subscribe to emails, click here or contact the box office directly.


Q: What should I do if I don’t see my question or am confused by my options?

A: As we always say, in these difficult times, our audience is our family and our most valued asset. We are inspired by your commitment to keep live theatre thriving in our state. If you have any questions, concerns, or even feedback, please reach out to us directly and we will do our best to answer your questions or solve your problems.

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