Education and Outreach Support

Arizona Theatre Company inspires the next generation of theatregoers and artists by introducing young people to the joy of live theatre, providing intensive theatre training and bringing quality arts education to schools across the state. We provide meaningful opportunities for children and teens to experience live theatre at its finest through our Summer On Stage, Summer Back Stage, My Story, Once Uponna, and Picture This, and student matinees held at the Temple of Music and Art and the Herberger Theatre Center.

Student Matinees

Each school year, Arizona Theatre Company elementary, middle and high school students and their teachers are given the very special opportunity to attend a designated Student Matinee of one of our main stage productions. Student Matinees are integrated into the classroom curriculum through teacher and student guides designed by Arizona Theatre Company‚Äôs staff.  At each Student Matinee, nearly 500 students from schools across the state experience an engaging performance in a professional, live theatre. For many students, the Student Matinee is the first professional production they have experienced and by attending these performances, they are introduced to the joy of live theatre.

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6,045 students attend matinees!

13,685 students are engaged in ATC programs!

“ATC’s workshop challenged our students to take ownership of their education, helped them overcome their fears and reservation, and demonstrated their true potential.” –Teacher at Summit High School, Flagstaff



“I learned that if I put my mind to something I could reach that goal. Also, even if everything is hard, you know it will get better. You just have to focus and never stop trying. ” Mark Macazani, MyStory Residency, Utterback Middle School, age 12

“The Best aspect was trying to make people cope with their emotions in a non-violent manner” Jose Delgado, MyStory Residency, Utterback Middle School, age 14

“It helped me tell my story instead of being sad and holding in all my emotions. You can write about your story without being judged” Evee, MyStory Residency, Utterback Middle School, age 14

“The best aspect of the MyStory program was getting to know that side of creativity in us, we didn’t know we had.” Nicole Zamudio, MyStory Residency, Nogales High School, age 16

“I think the program makes you gain confidence in what kind of person you are” Jaqueline Lasson, MyStory Residency, Nogales High School, age 15