It’s a new dawn … It’s a new day! We’re delighted to announce our 2021/2022 Season after our longest on-stage hiatus in history. Although it has been an incredibly hard and nearly impossible year, we’re grateful to our subscribers and donors who have been an integral part of our successful return to live theatre.
We are honored that our community – theatre lovers like you – stepped up, stayed committed, and let us know you believe that Arizona deserves world-class theatre productions and impactful community programs.
We have anticipated our first Opening Night for more than a year, and we can’t wait for the first time the lights go down and music plays … the first standing ovation … the first time we see you in the lobby afterwards and talk about the show … the first time we all come together over a piece of theatre that moves our souls.
Current Subscribers

Thank you for your patience as we work to renew, answer questions and accommodate all our subscribers. We are working with a reduced box office staff and appreciate you reviewing the information below before calling or emailing the box office. Renewing our Stage Heroes is our primary focus at this time, and we will continue to assist patrons based on the following priority level. 

2020/2021 Subscribers:
Stage Heroes who donated their 2020/2021 Subscription to ATC have the first opportunity to renew their subscriptions at a special rate. You should have received a mailing with details and your renewal form. Please return the renewal form with payment, or fill out the online Stage Hero form. We are focusing on renewing and seating all Stage Heroes first before we will seat or reseat any other subscribers.

If you opted to Hold your 2020/2021 Subscription, you should have received details in the mail to confirm your subscription and other information. You may also confirm your information by filling out this online form. If you need to make a change to your series or seats, please wait until your Subscriber Week in August. You will have priority after Stage Heroes for your changes. We will provide ample advance notice of this period and will do everything we can to accommodate your needs at that time.

2019/2020 Subscribers: 
All 2019/2020 Subscribers will receive information in the mail about details for the 54th Season as well as your renewal options. You have priority over new subscribers, and we will do our best to accommodate any series or seating changes during your Subscriber Week in August. We will provide you ample advance notice to ensure your request is received and we can accommodate it.

New Subscribers

If you are not a current ATC subscriber, you can purchase a new subscription online only starting June 1. You can purchase 6-Play packages as well as Flex Passes, which come in and 10, 8, 6 and 4 Flex packages. If you want to sit in the best seats in the house, you can purchase Premium seating for both 6-Play and Flex Passes — our newest subscription offering. 

New 6-Play Subscribers may choose your series and section (Premium, Section 1, Section 2, or Section 3), and you we will seat you in the best available seats in the section you choose. You will have the opportunity to change your seats during your Subscriber Week in August. 

New Flex Pass Subscribers can choose the number of passes you wish to purchase (10, 8, 6, or 4) and will have the opportunity to choose your shows before single tickets go on sale during our Flex Pass Subscriber Week in August. We’ll communicate well in advance of this date so you are able to reserve your seats if you choose. If you’re not ready to commit to dates, you can always redeem your Flex Passes closer to the show dates for the best seats available.  



Seating Charts

ATC offers four levels of seating: Premium, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. See the seating charts for specific seating locations.

ATC @ The Temple of Music and Art in Tucson
ATC @ the Herberger Theater Center in Phoenix

Subscription Series’ and Pricing

Tucson Subscription Series & Pricing
Phoenix Subscription Series & Pricing

Still Have Questions?
  1. Read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.
  2. Email us at Contact the Box Office. 
  3. Call the Box Office at 520.622.2823 or 602.256.6995. Please note that we are working remotely and you will have to leave a message, but we will return your call. Our return call phone number may not identify us as Arizona Theatre Company on your phone.