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Please send general correspondence or patron feedback to info@arizonatheatre.org.


Administrative Office

343 S. Scott Avenue, Tucson AZ, 85701 (520) 884-8210 (520) 628-9129 (fax)

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1631 Tucson, AZ 85702

Venue and Box Office

Temple of Music and Art 330 S. Scott Avenue (Downtown Tucson) (520) 622-2823 (Box Office)

Box Office Hours

Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Administrative Office

1636 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004
We do not receive mail at the administrative address. Please use PO box listed below for all mail.

Mailing Address

PO Box 619 Phoenix, AZ 85001-0619

Phone Numbers

(602) 256-6899 | (602) 256-6995 (Box Office)


Herberger Theater Center 222 E. Monroe Street (Downtown Phoenix)

Performance Weeks

Monday – Tuesday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Wednesday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.; 6 p.m. – Curtain Saturday/Sunday 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.; 6:00 p.m. – Curtain The Herberger Theater Center Box Office is open for weekend walk-up sales from 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. and an hour prior to performance time.

Non-performance Weeks

Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.



Sean Daniels
Artistic Director
520-884-8210 x 7501

christopher oscar peña
Artistic Associate

Will Rogers
Director of Artistic Programs

Anna Jennings
Artistic Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7508
E: ajennings@arizonatheatre.org

Elaine Romero
E: eromero@arizonatheatre.org

Cat Tries
Company Manager
E: ctries@arizonatheatre.org

Shannon Harral
Associate Company Manager
E: sharral@arizonatheatre.org

Learning & Education

Jasmine Roth
Director of Learning & Education
P: 520-884-8210 x7513
E: jroth@arizonatheatre.org

Megan Sutton
Education Associate 
E: msutton@arizonatheatre.org

Alina Burke
Education Associate
E: aburke@arizonatheatre.org

Development & Philanthropy

Julia Waterfall-Kanter
Chief Development Officer
P: 520-884-8210 x7301
E: jwkanter@arizonatheatre.org

Paula Taylor
Director of Development
E: ptaylor@arizonatheatre.org

Carley Elizabeth Preston
Development Operations Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7304
E: cpreston@arizonatheatre.org

Elizabeth Westrick-Von Ogden
Stewardship Coordinator
P: 520-884-8210 x7305
E: ewvonogden@arizonatheatre.org

Cameron Abaroa
Institutional Giving Coordinator
P: 602-256-6899 x7303
E: cabaroa@arizonatheatre.org

Marketing & Communications

Sue DeBenedette
Director of Marketing & Communications
P: 520-884-8210 x7201
E: sdebenedette@arizonatheatre.org

Ron May
Patron Data and Services Manager
P: 602-256-6899 x7202
E: rmay@arizonatheatre.org

Colin “Buck” Columna
Marketing Manager
P: 602-256-6899 x7216
E: ccolumna@arizonatheatre.org

Remington Trewern
Digital Marketing Associate
P: 520-884-8210 x7104
E: rtrewern@arizonatheatre.org

Elizabeth “Bitty” Rosenberg
Marketing Assistant
P: 520-884-8210 x7204
E: erosenberg@arizonatheatre.org

Yekatherina Bruner
Patron Services/Group Sales Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7213
E: ybruner@arizonatheatre.org

Chelsey Wade
Patron Services
P: 520-884-8210 x7214
E: cwade@arizonatheatre.org

Wendy Sander
Patron Services
P: 520-884-8210 x7215
E: wsander@arizonatheatre.org

Facilities – Tucson

Horace Ashley
Facilities Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7604
E: hashley@arizonatheatre.org

Dean Morgan
Maintenance Technician
P: 520-884-8210 x7604
E: dmorgan@arizonatheatre.org

Admin & Finance

Billy Russo
Managing Director
P: 520-884-8210 x7101
E: brusso@arizonatheatre.org

Kevin Marshall
Finance Director
E: kmarshall@arizonatheatre.org

Maria G. Moreno
Accounting Associate
P: 520-884-8210 x7125
E: mmoreno@arizonatheatre.org

Nathalie Gamboa
Administration & Finance Assistant
P: 520-884-8210 x7121

China Young
Executive Assistant
P: 520-884-8210 x7105
E: cyoung@arizonatheatre.org

Angela Aldrin Strickland
Office Manager & Administrative Volunteer Coordinator
P: 520-884-8210 x7504
E: astrickland@arizonatheatre.org

Human Resources

Jodie Peltz
HR Director
P: 520-884-8210 x7217
E: jpeltz@arizonatheatre.org


Eileen Bagnall
Accessibility Coordinator
P: 520-884-8210 x7601
E: ebagnall@arizonatheatre.org

Community Engagement

Kellie Ann Murphy
Director of Community Engagement
P: 520-884-8210 x7212
E: kmurphy@arizonatheatre.org

Bill Bethel
House Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7610
E: bbethel@arizonatheatre.org

Nick Cianciotto
Bar Manager
E: ncianciotto@arizonatheatre.org

Stage Management

Glenn Bruner
Production Stage Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7205
E: gbruner@arizonatheatre.org

Dominick Ruggiero
Stage Manager
E: druggiero@arizonatheatre.org

Beverly Ihli
Asst. to the Stage Manager
E: bihli@arizonatheatre.org

Andi Radujkovic
Asst. to the Stage Manager
E: aradujkovic@arizonatheatre.org

Ticket Services (Phoenix)

Linda Schwartz
Box Office Manager
P: 602-256-6899 x7408
E: lschwartz@arizonatheatre.org

Keith LaSpaluto
Asst. Box Office Manager
P: 602-256-6899 x7409
E: klaspaluto@arizonatheatre.org

Ticket Services (Tucson)

Sara Kavitch
Box Office Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7401
E: skavitch@arizonatheatre.org

Carrie Luker
Assistant Box Office Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7403
E: cluker@arizonatheatre.org

Sarah Smiley
Box Office Agent
P: 520-884-8210×7405
E: ssmiley@arizonatheatre.org

Cholla Meaudine
Box Office Agent
E: cmeaudine@arizonatheatre.org



Becky Merold
Production Manager
E: bmerold@arizonatheatre.org

Tajh Oates
Asst. Production Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7702
E: toates@arizonatheatre.org

Stage Operations

John Emery
Phoenix Stage Carpenter
E: jemery@arizonatheatre.org

Scenery and Paints

Nils Emerson
Technical Director
E: nemerson@arizonatheatre.org

Arthur Potts
Assistant Technical Director
P: 520-884-8210 x7710
E: apotts@arizonatheatre.org

Scott Greenleaf
Staff Carpenter
E: sgreenleaf@arizonatheatre.org

Michaela Dannenbrink
Scenic Artist
E: mdannenbrink@arizonatheatre.org

Costumes & Wardrobe

Sandahl Tremel
Interim Costume Shop Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7715
E: stremel@arizonatheatre.org

Kish Finnegan
Resident Costume Designer
P: 520-884-8210 x7716
E: kfinnegan@arizonatheatre.org

Phyllis Davies
P: 520-884-8210 x7716
E: pdavies@arizonatheatre.org

Electrics & Projections

Kat Seaton
Lighting & Projections Supervisor
P: 520-884-8210 x7704
E: kseaton@arizonatheatre.org

Tim Smith
Interim Master Electrician
E: tsmith@arizonatheatre.org

Thomas Goldkuhl
Staff Electrician
E: tgoldkuhl@arizonatheatre.org


Brian Jerome Peterson [in memoriam]
Resident Sound Designer
E: bpeterson@arizonatheatre.org

Matt DeVore
Production Sound Engineer
E: mdevore@arizonatheatre.org

Brianna Moore
Sound Technician
E: bmoore@arizonatheatre.org


Sara Pugh
Asst. Properties Master
E: spugh@arizonatheatre.org