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Please send general correspondence or patron feedback to info@arizonatheatre.org.


Administrative Office

343 S. Scott Avenue, Tucson AZ, 85701
(520) 884-8210
(520) 628-9129 (fax)

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1631
Tucson, AZ 85702

Venue and Box Office

Temple of Music and Art
330 S. Scott Avenue (Downtown Tucson)
(520) 622-2823 (Box Office)

Box Office Hours

Monday – Friday
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Administrative Office

455 North 3rd Street
Suite 350
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Mailing Address

PO Box 619
Phoenix, AZ 85001-0619

Phone Numbers

(602) 256-6899
(602) 256-7399 (fax)
(602) 256-6995 (Box Office)


Herberger Theater Center
222 E. Monroe Street (Downtown Phoenix)

Performance Weeks

Monday – Tuesday
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Wednesday – Friday
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.; 6 p.m. – Curtain

12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.; 6:00 p.m. – Curtain

The Herberger Theater Center Box Office is open for weekend walk-up sales from 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. and an hour prior to performance time.

Non-performance Weeks

Monday – Friday
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.



Sean Daniels
520-884-8210 x 7501
Artistic Director
E: sdaniels@arizonatheatre.org

christopher oscar peña
Artistic Associate

Will Rogers
Director of Artistic Engagement

Anna Jennings
Artistic Coordinator
P: 520-884-8210 x7508
E: ajennings@arizonatheatre.org

Elaine Romero
E: eromero@arizonatheatre.org

Shaylyn Rice
Company Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7506
E: srice@arizonatheatre.org

Learning & Education

Israel Jiménez
Director of Learning & Education
P: 602-256-6899 x7512
E: ijimenez@arizonatheatre.org

Jasmine Roth
Education Associate 
P: 520-884-8210 x7513
E: jroth@arizonatheatre.org

Megan Sutton
Education Associate 
E: msutton@arizonatheatre.org

Alina Burke
ATCteen Coordinator
E: aburke@arizonatheatre.org

Development & Philanthropy

Julia Waterfall-Kanter
Director of Philanthropy
P: 520-884-8210 x7301
E: jwkanter@arizonatheatre.org

Carley Elizabeth Preston
Development Operations Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7304
E: cpreston@arizonatheatre.org

Elizabeth Westrick-Von Ogden
Stewardship Coordinator
P: 520-884-8210 x7305
E: ewvonogden@arizonatheatre.org

Cameron Abaroa
Institutional Giving Coordinator
P: 602-256-6899 x7303
E: cabaroa@arizonatheatre.org

Marketing & Communications

Sue DeBenedette
Director of Marketing & Communications
P: 520-884-8210 x7201
E: sdebenedette@arizonatheatre.org

Ron May
Patron Data and Services Manager
P: 602-256-6899 x7202
E: rmay@arizonatheatre.org

Colin “Buck” Columna
Marketing Manager
P: 602-256-6899 x7216
E: ccolumna@arizonatheatre.org

Remington Trewern
Digital Marketing Associate
P: 520-884-8210 x7104
E: rtrewern@arizonatheatre.org

Elizabeth “Bitty” Rosenberg
Marketing Assistant & Box Office Customer Service Representative
P: 520-884-8210 x7204
E: erosenberg@arizonatheatre.org

Michael Zarin
Patron Services Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7213
E: mzarin@arizonatheatre.org

Chelsey Wade
Patron Services & Box Office Customer Service Representative
P: 520-884-8210 x7214
E: cwade@arizonatheatre.org

Wendy Sander
Patron Services & Box Office Customer Service Representative
P: 520-884-8210 x7215
E: wsander@arizonatheatre.org

Facilities – Tucson

Horace Ashley
Facilities Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7604
E: hashley@arizonatheatre.org

Dean Morgan
Maintenance Technician
P: 520-884-8210 x7604
E: dmorgan@arizonatheatre.org

Andrew Baker
Maintenance Technician
P: 520-884-8210 x7604
E: abaker@arizonatheatre.org

Joe Jones
Maintenance Technician
P: 520-884-8210 x7604
E: jjones@arizonatheatre.org

Admin & Finance

Billy Russo
Managing Director
P: 520-884-8210 x7101
E: brusso@arizonatheatre.org

Carrie Toth
Director of Finance & Administration
P: 520-884-8210 x7217
E: ctoth@arizonatheatre.org

Cholla Meaudine
Payroll/Accounting Assistant
E: cmeaudine@arizonatheatre.org

Maria G. Moreno
Accounting Associate
P: 520-884-8210 x7125
E: mmoreno@arizonatheatre.org

Nathalie Gamboa
Administration & Finance Assistant
P: 520-884-8210 x7121

China Young
Executive Assistant
P: 520-884-8210 x7105
E: cyoung@arizonatheatre.org

Angela Aldrin Strickland
Office Manager & Administrative Volunteer Coordinator
P: 520-884-8210 x7504
E: astrickland@arizonatheatre.org


Eileen Bagnall
Accessibility Coordinator
P: 520-884-8210 x7601
E: ebagnall@arizonatheatre.org

Community Engagement

Kellie Ann Murphy
Director of Community Engagement
P: 520-884-8210 x7212
E: kmurphy@arizonatheatre.org

Bill Bethel
House Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7610
E: bbethel@arizonatheatre.org

Nick Cianciotto
Bar Manager
E: ncianciotto@arizonatheatre.org

Stage Management

Glenn Bruner
Production Stage Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7205
E: gbruner@arizonatheatre.org

Bruno Ingram
Stage Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7205
E: bingram@arizonatheatre.org

Emma DeVore
Asst. to the Stage Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7205
E: edevore@arizonatheatre.org

Beverly Ihli
Asst. to the Stage Manager
E: bihli@arizonatheatre.org

Ticket Services

Linda Schwartz
Box Office Manager
P: 602-256-6899 x7408
E: lschwartz@arizonatheatre.org

Keith LaSpaluto
Asst. Box Office Manager
P: 602-256-6899 x7409
E: klaspaluto@arizonatheatre.org

Carrie Luker
Box Office Co-Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7403
E: cluker@arizonatheatre.org

Sara Kavitch
Box Office Co-Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7401
E: skavitch@arizonatheatre.org

Helyann “Ellie” Fimbres-Berdine
Box Office Agent
P: 520-884-8210 x7402
E: hfberdine@arizonatheatre.org

Sarah Smiley
Box Office Agent
P: 520-884-8210×7405
E: ssmiley@arizonatheatre.org



Becky Merold
Production Manager
E: bmerold@arizonatheatre.org

Tajh Oates
Asst. Production Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7702
E: toates@arizonatheatre.org

Stage Operations

John Emery
Phoenix Stage Carpenter
E: jemery@arizonatheatre.org

Scenery and Paints

Nils Emerson
Technical Director
E: nemerson@arizonatheatre.org

Arthur Potts
Assistant Technical Director
P: 520-884-8210 x7710
E: apotts@arizonatheatre.org

Scott Greenleaf
Staff Carpenter
E: sgreenleaf@arizonatheatre.org

Brigitte Bechtel
Charge Scenic Artist
P: (520) 884-8210 x7712
E: bbechtel@arizonatheatre.org

Michaela Dannenbrink
Scenic Artist
E: mdannenbrink@arizonatheatre.org

Costumes & Wardrobe

Sandahl Tremel
Interim Costume Shop Manager
P: 520-884-8210 x7715
E: stremel@arizonatheatre.org

Kish Finnegan
Resident Costume Design
P: 520-884-8210 x7716
E: kfinnegan@arizonatheatre.org

Phyllis Davies
P: 520-884-8210 x7716
E: pdavies@arizonatheatre.org

Electrics & Projections

Kat Seaton
Lighting & Projections Supervisor
P: 520-884-8210 x7704
E: kseaton@arizonatheatre.org

Tim Smith
Interim Master Electrician
E: tsmith@arizonatheatre.org

Thomas Goldkuhl
Staff Electrician
E: tgoldkuhl@arizonatheatre.org


Brian Jerome Peterson
Resident Sound Designer
E: bpeterson@arizonatheatre.org

Matt DeVore
Production Sound Engineer
E: mdevore@arizonatheatre.org

Brianna Moore
Sound Technician
E: bmoore@arizonatheatre.org


Sara Pugh
Asst. Properties Master
E: spugh@arizonatheatre.org