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Please email us for general inquiries and information. 


Administrative Office

166 W. Alameda Street, Tucson, AZ 85701
(520) 884-8210 

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1631, Tucson, AZ 85702-1631


Temple of Music and Art – 330 S. Scott Avenue (Downtown Tucson)

Box Office

(520) 622-2823

Box Office Hours

Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. | Phone Only
Box Office staff is working remotely, but we can gladly help you.
Call, email or fill out the Contact the Box Office form.


Administrative Office

2390 E. Camelback Road, Suite 130, Phoenix, AZ 85016
We do not receive mail at the administrative address.
Please use PO box listed below for all mail.

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 619, Phoenix, AZ 85001-0619


Herberger Theater Center – 222 E. Monroe Street (Downtown Phoenix)

Box Office

(602) 256-6995 

Box Office Hours

Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. | Phone Only
Box Office staff is working remotely, but we can gladly help you.
Call, email or fill out the Contact the Box Office form.



Becky Merold
Production Manager
P: 520-209-2704
E: bmerold@arizonatheatre.org

Sheldon Lane
Assistant Production Manager
P: 520-209-2688
E: slane@arizonatheatre.org

Production Shop: 520-463-7656 
Costume Shop: 520-463-7677


Nils Emerson
Technical Director
E: nemerson@arizonatheatre.org

Arthur Potts
Assistant Technical Director
E: apotts@arizonatheatre.org

Taylor Moss
Assistant Technical Director
E: tmoss@arizonatheatre.org

John Crain
E: jcrain@arizonatheatre.org

Cory Walters
E: cwalters@arizonatheatre.org


Charlotte Alcorn
Charge Scenic Artist
E: calcorn@arizonatheatre.org

Sammie Nickel
Assistant Charge Scenic Artist
E: snickel@arizonatheatre.org


Sara Pugh
Properties Supervisor
E: spugh@arizonatheatre.org

Andrew Babb
Assistant Properties Supervisor
E: ababb@arizonatheatre.org

Costumes & Wardrobe

Mary Woll
Costume Shop Manager
E: mwoll@arizonatheatre.org

Sandahl Tremel
Costume Shop Assistant
P: 520-463-7670
E: stremel@arizonatheatre.org

Kish Finnegan
Costume Design Assistant
E: kfinnegan@arizonatheatre.org

Phyllis Davies

Maggie Clark
Wig and Makeup Supervisor
E: mclark@arizonatheatre.org

Kelsey Waller
Wardrobe Supervisor
E: kwaller@arizonatheatre.org

Courteney Shipley
Phoenix Lead Dresser
E: cshipley@arizonatheatre.org

Electrics & Projections

Tim Smith
Lighting & Projections Supervisor
E: tsmith@arizonatheatre.org

Brittany Tennis
Lead Electrician
E: btennis@arizonatheatre.org

Shane Sumner
Staff Electrician / Run Crew
E: ssumner@arizonatheatre.org


Matt DeVore
Sound Supervisor
E: mdevore@arizonatheatre.org

Jason Campbell
Production Sound Engineer
E: jcampbell@arizonatheatre.org

Stage Operations

Caroline “CJ” Price
Stage Supervisor
E: cprice@arizonatheatre.org

John Emery
Phoenix Stage Supervisor
E: jemery@arizonatheatre.org



Sean Daniels
The Kasser Family Artistic Director
P: 520-209-2662
E: sdaniels@arizonatheatre.org

Chanel Bragg
Associate Artistic Director
P: 520-463-7637
E: cbragg@arizonatheatre.org

Kristi Hess
Artistic Producer
P: 520-547-3979
E: khess@arizonatheatre.org

christopher oscar peña
Artistic Associate
E: cpena@arizonatheatre.org

Elaine Romero
P: 520-463-7674
E: eromero@arizonatheatre.org

Aleks Hollis
Director of Digital Assets
E: ahollis@arizonatheatre.org

Michele Volansky
Literary Manager
E: mvolansky@arizonatheatre.org


Christopher Moseley
Director of Education
P: 520-463-7675
E: cmoseley@arizonatheatre.org

Emily Burritt
Education Outreach Coordinator
P: 520-487-6392
E: eburritt@arizonatheatre.org

Patron Services

Juliet Martin
Director of Patron Services
P: 520-463-7649
E: jmartin@arizonatheatre.org

Richard Ragsdale
Patron Services Manager
E: rragsdale@arizonatheatre.org

Linda Schwartz
Box Office Manager
P: 602-926-0619
E: lschwartz@arizonatheatre.org

Sara Kavitch
Box Office Manager
P: 520-463-7648
E: skavitch@arizonatheatre.org

Keith LaSpaluto
Assistant Box Office Manager
P: 602-888-7843
E: klaspaluto@arizonatheatre.org

Carrie Luker
Assistant Box Office Manager
P: 520-463-7672
E: cluker@arizonatheatre.org

Sarah Smiley
Box Office Agent
P: 520-463-7682
E: ssmiley@arizonatheatre.org

Abbie Hackney
Box Office Associate

Katelin Andrews
Box Office Associate

Bill Bethel
House Manager
P: 520-547-3981
E: bbethel@arizonatheatre.org


Admin & Finance

Geri Wright
Managing Director
P: 520-209-2721
E: gwright@arizonatheatre.org

Nick Cianciotto
Executive Assistant
P: 520-209-2733
E: ncianciotto@arizonatheatre.org

Cat Tries
Company Manager
P: 520-209-2702
E: ctries@arizonatheatre.org

Mark Kochman
Chief Financial Officer
P: 602-926-0620
E: mkochman@arizonatheatre.org

Bob Jennens
Accounting Coordinator
P: 520-463-7660
E: rjennens@arizonatheatre.org

Pat Walter
Accounts Payable Specialist
P: 520-463-7653
E: pwalter@arizonatheatre.org


Development & Philanthropy

Paula Taylor
Chief Development and Marketing Officer
P: 602-888-7848
E: ptaylor@arizonatheatre.org

Carley Elizabeth Preston
Director of Annual Fund and Stewardship
P: 520-463-7669
E: cpreston@arizonatheatre.org

Gretchen Pace
Grants Manager
P: 520-463-7667
E: gpace@arizonatheatre.org

Stacey Jay Cavaliere
Development Events Manager
P: 520-463-7332
E: sjcavaliere@arizonatheatre.org

Marketing & Communications

Bitty Rosenberg
Senior Marketing Manager
P: 520-463-7663
E: erosenberg@arizonatheatre.org

Richard Giuliani
Creative and Brand Manager
E: rgiuliani@arizonatheatre.org

Berenice Zubiate
Marketing Coordinator
P: 520-547-3984
E: bzubiate@arizonatheatre.org

Facilities – Tucson

Horace Ashley
Facilities Manager
P: 520-631-5894
E: hashley@arizonatheatre.org

Dean Morgan
Maintenance Supervisor
E: dmorgan@arizonatheatre.org

Derrick Herrera
Maintenance Technician

Jesus Francies
Maintenance Technician