The Cohort Club



During the 2019/2020 Season, Arizona Theatre Company started a revolutionary program to bring the community closer to the work we do. Artistic Director, Sean Daniels, created “The Cohort Club” and has implemented it in other cities over the last 7 years — now he has brought it to Arizona!

ATC selects a diverse group of 20 people in the Phoenix area and 20 people in the Tucson area – selected to reflect their respective communities – to join The Cohort Club and become a vital part of the ATC family. Cohort Club members follow our productions from the first rehearsal through opening night and beyond, as well as our workshops of new plays from the first read through to public reading – witnessing the art of theatre as it is crafted in the moment.


We will open our doors to provide unprecedented access to the artistic process.  Although all cohorts are welcome to attend happenings in either Tucson or Phoenix, the artistic focus in each city is slightly different.

TUC Cohorts
Because our productions rehearse in Tucson, cohorts in proximity to our rehearsal hall and theatre will see how each production is shaped by the Director, Cast and Creative Team all the way through the process.

PHX Cohorts
Rehearsal time in Phoenix is limited the a few tech rehearsals during the remount process. Though a unique experience in and of itself, we are broadening the scope of the program by developing a new series of engagement activities that put participants backstage during performances, with opportunities to interact with our artists throughout the run of each production in Phoenix, as well as continuing to invite them into the development of new works by some of the nation’s hottest up-and-coming artists!

Cohorts in BOTH cities are allowed…

  • Access to all rehearsals (including technical rehearsals where we introduce lights, sound, sets, and costumes)
  • Face-to-face dialogue with the actors, artists, and staff
  • Exclusive invitations to special events with the ATC staff and artists
  • Tickets to all productions, including every preview and every opening night, as well as any time during the run; PLUS additional discounted tickets for your guests!
  • NEW IN PHX DURING CYCLE TWO: Backstage opportunities during the performances. See what ATC crews and creative teams do while the actors tread the boards.
  • …AND new experiences and opportunities are being created all the time!


You will learn about the creation of theatre through observing and conversing with professional artists. We ask you to…

  • Read each script before each show’s first rehearsal.
  • Attend at least one rehearsal a week, staying for as long or as short as you wish.
  • Write about your experience every time you are in the building and share it with your community on whatever platform you wish (blog, FB, Instagram, church newsletter, etc.)


Here is what one cohort shared about her experience watching technical rehearsals for SILENT SKY:

“I had the pleasure of watching the rehearsal yesterday with all of the tech crew at work. As a theatergoer I had never considered all the same intricate detail that goes into a production. The lighting, staging of furniture and actors, timing, music, props…my mind was blown! … Overall I left the theater feeling part of a family…with a feeling of awe.” – Kathleen Phillips

Find more cohort writing on ATC’s blog!


Cycle 2 officially begins on the first rehearsal of Master Harold…and the Boys in Tucson (Thursday, December 27). However, we are always accepting cohort applications on a rolling basis and are happy to introduce new cohorts into the club at appropriate moments during the cycle.


To apply, click here to fill out a short application!


Feel free to write us using the contact in the city of your choice.  If you aren’t sure who to contact, just pick one. We are in conversation with each other daily and can get you an answer or pass you to the appropriate person with no problem.

We look forward to hearing from you and bringing our community more deeply in the ATC family!