The ATC Digital Classroom is where learners of all ages can engage with theatre in a way that is educational and inspirational! Learn alongside directors, designers, actors, composers, playwrights, producers, and community leaders as we play with creative ideas.

We offer free weekly classes over Zoom for both Adults (17+) and Teens (ages 13-19). Adult classes are curated for both artists who want to deepen their craft and life-long learners who want to know more about theatre. Teen classes are an extension of our ATCteen program, dedicated to developing strong artistic leaders by providing student-driven learning opportunities. We also have resources and videos supporting education for all ages that you can enjoy at your convenience. Find out more about each program and sign up below.

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Adult Classes

Welcome to classes for Adults! We are committed to supporting artists continue to grow in their craft, and want to help curious individuals of all ages and backgrounds be life-long learners. We have curated a selection of weekly classes for you. Take all of them or pick and choose what interests you. All experience levels welcome, unless otherwise noted.

Classes are every Thursday 4:30-5:30 pm
If you are interested in these classes but that time does not work for you, send us a note.

You can sign up for this week’s class here.

July Schedule

7.2.20 Theatre History Through the Dark Ages

This isn’t the first time society has had to exist without centralized theatre. There is about 1,000 years between the Fall of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. How did society maintain theatrical traditions during a millennia without so much as a common language to tie them together? What theatrical traditions did we develop between Seneca and Shakespeare that we still rely on as storytellers to this very day? 

7.9.20 Theatre of the Oppressed and Theatre for Social Change – Taught by Jasmine Roth

Throughout history theatre has been used as a tool to in social justice work. Together we will look at different social and political movements and the theater groups and artist that created with the intent of supporting that cause. In real time we will explore theatre exercises and practices that can help facilitate community conversations and social justice work. We’ll especially focus on Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed but will look at other examples and practices as well. 

7.16.20 Theatre History: Commedia Dell’arte taught by Tajh Oates

7.23.20 King Lear & Shakespeare Scene Work taught by Carolyn Marie Wright

7.30.20 Directing Aesthetics taught by Will Rogers

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Welcome to ATCteen Online! Students across the country (and world!) can now join the ATCteen family!
We offer free and accessible theatre learning for ages 13-19. ATCteen is dedicated to developing strong artistic leaders by providing student-driven learning opportunities and experiences. We strive to be a completely inclusive and supportive community. We are a safe space for students of all genders, sexual orientations, abilities, ethnicities and races. We want you to be part of our learning community!

To find out more about the ATCteen program visit our ATCteen page.

ATCteen is currently online only. We are offering class every Tuesday from 3-4:15, Play Readers Club every other Friday 3-4:15, and a student led improv troupe every Saturday 4-6 pm.

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July Schedule

7.7.20 Let’s Dance – taught by Jasmine Roth

Join us for this fun and upbeat dance class! We’ll work on Broadway Jazz technique and learn a fun routine that puts it all together! All dance experiences and levels welcome. Make sure you find a nice open space where you can move around and have a water bottle handy to stay hydrated throughout!

Our students will work virtually in small groups to create an original theatrical play told over a digital medium. Using any digital medium they can think of, students will be encouraged to think about what the most interesting way to tell their story is, and how they can make bold choices via unconventional theatrical mediums. Join us if you are excited about collaborating with others, experimenting with genre bending creativity, and thinking outside of the box. 

The workshop will be from July 15th – July 24th, with a presentation of works for their peers and family on July 27th. 

Additional Information: 

This online workshop will utilize zoom, google classroom, and other digital platforms. The workshop will be facilitated through a daily group session to be held each afternoon. Students will also spend time collaborating with their teams, and working on individual creative prompts and assignments.


Video Classes For All

Welcome to our series of video classes! If you are not able to participate in our zoom classes, or prefer being able to learn at your own pace or on your own time, we hope you enjoy our these informational videos!  

Recovery and our play The White Chip




Production Tutorials

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