Virtual Student Matinees: Somewhere Over the Border

Virtual Student Matinees: Somewhere Over the Border

We are thrilled that our Virtual Student Matinee Series was successful this season!

Our production of Somewhere Over the Border, a new musical that follows the story of Reina as she goes on a journey to find a better life for her and her son, was streamed to nearly 4,000 students across 55 schools.

Students and teachers found this play particularly impactful because of its cultural relevance and connection to real world issues.

One teacher wrote: “I received an email today from one of my students who is a Salvadoran girl. She arrived in the U.S. just before Christmas break and speaks very little English, but today she was so excited to tell me how much she loved the show, and that she was absolutely GLUED to the screen – she watched the whole thing and put Spanish subtitles on the YouTube.

It was so exciting to know that this show touched her so profoundly! She told me how true it was, and that many who come into the country illegally don’t understand that they “work and work and work and work and serve and serve and serve and serve” in their home countries, only to arrive here and discover that nothing really has changed – they must still work and serve, while continuing to struggle to survive.

Here are her own words: “The story is super beautiful and interesting and it is the really in many cases there are people who emigrate to the United States for a better life for their children and for the family.”

Thank you as always for providing meaningful productions for our diverse community; it is a blessing to be able to impact our students through theatre!”

A teacher from Academy High School said, “The play was a wonderful springboard of topics including political, geographical, cultural, historical, and literary because it connected with so many areas. Some students enjoyed comparing Quijada’s to Baum’s literary style, others compared the characters and plot, and some were more interested in how this play will help inform the current border/immigration concerns. Since the play’s themes are connected to World and US history, geography, literature, economics, and family studies, it is easy to connect it to the curriculum. Finding out that this play was based on a true story made the play even more impactful. The students are interested in reading more true border and migration stories.”

Teachers from Hiaki High School on the Pascua Yaqui Reservation shared, “Great Experience! the students were very interested in immigration from the perspective of Central Americans. They also were not aware that El Salvador had a war.”