Staff Picks: Digital Content We Love

Staff Picks: Digital Content We Love

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Among other things, Sex With Strangers deals with a writer’s life in the blogosphere. Many up-and-coming writers and artists are now getting their start online – writing blogs, self-publishing e-books, hosting podcasts and YouTube channels, etc. We asked the ATC staff to give us some recommendations on their favorite digital content. Here are some of their top picks:

Showbiz Blogs:

Bitter Gertrude (http://bittergertrude.com/)
Author: Melissa Hillman

“Melissa Hillman, the Artistic Director of Impact Theatre in Berkeley, California, is basically just an all-around theatrical badass. She speaks with wicked candor on just about any and every hot button issue that raises its ugly head in the theatrical world – and, at times, even in the world-world. Whenever a theatrical “hot button” pops up, I hunker down and WAIT for Melissa to post something. Her blogs are not only goosebump-inducingly brilliant, but chock full of some of the sharpest, most well-honed snark you will ever read. When Melissa guns for something, she obliterates it – and her readers are all the better for it. I pretty much tell anyone anywhere who is working in theatre or who WANTS to work in theatre that they NEED, need, need to stay up on her blog. In my honest opinion, she has to be one of the greatest unpublished wordsmiths I’ve ever read.” – Ron May, Patron Relationship Manager

HowlRound (http://howlround.com)
Author: Multiple contributors

“A knowledge commons by and for the theatre community. HowlRound is all about thinking bigger in the everyday, acknowledging and working toward a greater ambition in art and community. It makes me think deeper about the choices, words and actions that make up the world and theatre as an art form.” – Katherine Monberg, Literary Associate

“I subscribe to HowlRound as a way to stay in touch with the theatre industry as a whole. It gives you a glimpse of the issues and ideas that are on the minds of professionals all around the country.” – Erin Treat, Online Engagement Coordinator

NITE News (http://nitenews.org)
Author: Multiple contributors

“Technically a newsletter, New International Theatre Experience (NITE) News is an ongoing update about the state of theatre around the world.  It’s about forming connections among artists, organizations, opportunities, and a world awareness that celebrates the good stuff and provides a context and perspective about where the U.S. fits into an international artistic vision.” – Katherine Monberg, Literary Associate

Seth Godin (http://sethgodin.typepad.com/)
Author: Seth Godin

“Quick, smart, and relevant to art, business, and the intersection between the two, it’s about how to figure out who you want to be and how to be that person.” – Katherine Monberg, Literary Associate

For Animal Lovers:

Dog Shaming (http://www.dogshaming.com)
Author: Multiple contributors

“No explanation needed. Funny pictures of bad dogs.” – Brigitte Bechtel, Charge Scenic Artist

Holy Cuteness (http://holycuteness.com/)
Author: Multiple contributors

“Videos and photos of cute animals, from dogs and cats to porcupines and geese. It’s updated regularly and a quick scroll will almost always give you something to say “aww” about.” – Erin Treat, Online Engagement Coordinator

Web Comics:

Q2Q Comics (http://q2qcomics.com/)
Author: Steven Younkins

“Almost every tech person I know has shared at least one of these strips as an example of what he/she goes through to work on a production. It may be a little inside-baseball for non-theatre folks, but it’s funny because it’s true.” – Erin Treat, Online Engagement Coordinator

XKCD (http://xkcd.com/)
Author: Randall Munroe

“Funny, intellectual, and full of jokes about science, math, and grammar. It is hands-down the best stick-figure webcomic out there.” – Erin Treat, Online Engagement Coordinator

People Who Need People:

Humans of New York (http://www.humansofnewyork.com/)
Author: Brandon Stanton

“Quite intriguing what Brandon is able to get perfect strangers to open up to him about during a few minutes chance encounter on the street.” – Brigitte Bechtel, Charge Scenic Artist

Hyperbole and a Half (http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/)
Author: Allie Brosh

“Hilarious and representative of life in general, fostering an open awareness of the circumstances that are unique to each individual.  A reminder that everyone has a story, whether we know it or not.” – Katherine Monberg, Literary Associate