Meet The Team: Phoenix Box Office Manager Geri Silvi

Meet The Team: Phoenix Box Office Manager Geri Silvi

Re-published with permission from OnMedia Publications.

Meet Geri Silvi, Arizona Theatre Company Box Office Manager and the March Arts Hero. Geri is often the first point of contact for theatregoers, and she uses the opportunity to make their experience positive.

Born and raised south of Boston, Geri was introduced to the arts through her high school drama club’s field trips into the city. By the time she was ready for college, she sought refuge from the cold and selected Arizona State University. After graduating with a degree in social work, Geri worked with developmentally disabled individuals. She found the profession rewarding, but government cutbacks eventually forced her to augment her income moonlighting at the Diamond’s (now Dillard’s) box office. Through this role, she found her way back to the arts. Over the next several years, she worked in box office management for The Phoenix Symphony, and eventually landed the position at Arizona Theatre Company based on her reputation for treating patrons so well.

Having served as the Box Office Manager for ATC in both Tucson and Phoenix for more than 27 years, she believes the role of the box office staff is to serve as the voice of the theatre company. “We are, in essence, ambassadors of the theatre,” she says.

Things have changed over the years, she points out. People now can order tickets online, but Geri believes those who interact with the ticket office are choosing a more personal experience. “Your arts experience starts when you call our box office,” she says. In addition to buying tickets over the phone, customers often ask about the play, where to park, where to go for dinner, and what plays are coming up.

Geri and her small but talented team also work closely with donors, helping them get involved with the organization in ways they choose. She calls this a “privilege” she takes very seriously.

“Theatre, to me, is like breathing,” she says. “The arts take you on a personal journey. The arts are a looking glass into our humanity. The arts explore issues relevant to today and tomorrow. They complete each and every one of us.”

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