From Our Cohorts: The Royale Day 2

From Our Cohorts: The Royale Day 2

Day 2, August 14th 2019

I attended the “Table Work” sessions from 12 – 3pm (the day ended at 6pm).

Scenes 1 and 2 were read through, two or three times each, and the concepts and characters were refined in the course of this iterative process.

A couple of things stood out to me. In the middle of Scene 2, that takes place after the fight between Jay and Fish, which Jay wins by a KO in round 7, Fish is invited to Jay’s dressing room to meet with Jay’s trainer, Wynton. The purpose of the meeting is to persuade Fish to become Jay’s sparring partner. The director suggested that Wynton and Jay had, in fact, prepared a little “act” to flatter Fish into accepting their offer. It played out rather convincingly.

The first and last part of the scene pertain to the discussions—that occur in various combinations—between Max (the promoter), Wynton, and Jay about getting a match between Jay and the current world champion, Bixby. There are undercurrents of both manipulation and racial attitudes in these dialogues. In the end, Jay’s desire to have the fight however small the purse, wins out. Where does Max stand in all this? He is promoting Jay’s career, he may even like Jay, but the bottom line is that he is a businessman who is willing to play all sides to make money.

Wynton, Max and Nina (Jay’s sister) practiced ringing the ringside bell. Ding! For whom the bell tolls, one might ask.

Cohort Club Member, Michael T.

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