From Our Cohorts: The Royale Day 16

From Our Cohorts: The Royale Day 16

Day 16, August 30th, 2019

The last afternoon sessions were devoted to rehearsing Scene 5 and some of Scene 6.

Jay and Nina were partially costumed. All the actors seem close to having memorized all their lines. Much attention was paid to detail including the way Jay’s boxing gloves should be tied and the length of the laces on them. In breaking down the interaction between Jay and Nina in Scene 5 (this occurs in Jay’s locker room before the fight) the director emphasized the importance of the pauses between certain pieces of the dialogue needed to maximize their impact. (As Mozart said “The music is not in the notes but in the silence between them.”). At another point, the director discussed the precise angle that Nina should turn her head during a close interaction with Jay. The actress playing Nina, Erica Chamblee, brings some strong emotion to her part and is able to give her brother (Jay) some killer looks that could knock out a boxing champion.

The rehearsals are about to enter a new phase. The design run tomorrow, another run the day after (still in the rehearsal room) and then the technical rehearsals (in the theater) next week. The momentum is gathering!

Cohort Club Member Michael T.

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