From our Cohorts: Opening Night

From our Cohorts: Opening Night

“Master Harold and the Boys”, Opening Night, January 24th, 2020

One of the privileges of being in the Cohort Club is to see the evolution of a play from the first rehearsals all the way through to its opening night. One can enjoy the whole performance while, at the same time, appreciate all the performance details—both acting and staging— that were discussed and developed during the course of the rehearsals.

Seeing the opening night I was struck by the role of the set: the tearoom owned by Hally’s (Master Harold’s) parents. The confined space with the oppressive black sky and rain that could be seen through the windows at the back of the shop served to concentrate the emotional content of the play, as did the subtle mood changes in lighting. The actors did a fine job and Ian Eaton, playing the central role of Sam, brought an impressive presence to the part. And, having followed the production from the beginning, one was able to appreciate all the hard work the actors put in to master their lines, their dialects, physical movements and emotional content of their parts. Impressive!

Michael T., Cohort Club member