From our Cohorts: January 14, 2020

From our Cohorts: January 14, 2020

Cohort Club, “Master Harold and the Boys”, January 14th, 2020

This was the first day of tech rehearsals in the theater with the stage manager and lighting and sound personnel situated in the middle of the theater with their equipment and computers. The first part of this (first session) was spent discussing the lighting, stage design, sound and props. The director noted, for example, that glass cover of the jukebox and the tea urn on the teashop counter reflected too much light and that he would prefer the teashop china to be more colorful.

The rehearsal began at the beginning of the play. As the cast performed, the director roamed around the theater watching from different vantage points. His emphasis was to establish the precise positions of the actors on stage and their orientation with respect to the audience.

Michael T., Cohort Club member