From our Cohorts: January 10, 2020

From our Cohorts: January 10, 2020

Cohort Club, “Master Harold and the Boys”, January 10th, 2020

First morning session. This session focused on the first part of the play up to the end of Hally’s first phone call with his mother. The director’s emphasis was on the nuances of mood and mood shift. One concern of the director was to ensure that Hally does not appear too “bratty” too soon in the play. Rather, he wants his true nature (in part conditioned by the apartheid era in which he has grown up) to come out as the play develops. In this earlier part of the play the overall mood is generally cordial and light-hearted. At one point in the scene Willie throws a rag at Sam but it accidentally hits Hally instead. The director wanted to make sure that this moment was treated in a light-hearted manner in that when Hally “responds” by throwing the rag back at Willie it is done in a good-humored way.

Michael T., Cohort Club member

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