Digital Play Reading: Slow Food

Digital Play Reading: Slow Food

Irene and Peter just want to have a nice meal out on their big anniversary in Palm Springs. But their highly neurotic waiter, Stephen, will not bring them their food, and everything goes horribly, ridiculously wrong. This absurd server will have them examining everything from their menu choices to their very future together! Will their shared desperation get them their spanakopita—or end their marriage? Playwright Wendy MacLeod (Women in Jeopardy!) brings us a comedy for anyone who’s ever been “hangry.”

It’s likely been some time since you’ve enjoyed a leisurely meal out at your favorite restaurant. A stolen evening away with those you’re closest to, savoring moments together as much as you are the wine and the bread.
It’s safe to say, it’s something we’re all craving right now.
Just like laughter. And we want you to come laugh with us!
Wendy MacLeod – the brilliant writer who is also the author of the much anticipated Women in Jeopardy!, which you’ll finally be able to enjoy in all its splendor in real time in the coming season –  brings her hit comedy Slow Food to the ATC virtual space. As an added bonus … along with this hilarious new play come the actors who garnered much acclaim when they originated the roles at Merrimack Rep under the direction of ATC Artistic Director Sean Daniels. Daniels and Chanel Bragg, ATC Associate Artistic Director, are co-directing this play reading. The playwright herself has expressed tremendous excitement over this reunion of the “comic mastery of these specific performers and this particular production.”

So here’s the story … Imagine flying 3,000 miles for a long overdue vacation. You arrive at your destination and learn your rental car is not available. You also learn that your hotel cannot provide the promised accommodations. You haven’t eaten all day.

Now imagine being caught in a restaurant where you cannot seem to get served. Not even a simple beer. You’re at the whim of a mercurial waiter with … issues. 

A LOT … of issues.

Inspired by a real evening the playwright spent with her family when they went on vacation in Palm Springs, Slow Food was catalyzed in part by “… the most extraordinary waiter that I’ve ever met. And by that? I mean BAD! The worst waiter I have ever, ever had. He seemed to kind of thrill to his power to control whether or not we got our food and drinks.”

Slow Food takes this event as its launching pad and then amps it up and floors the gas.

A rare and unique comedy about a HEALTHY marriage – Slow Food creeps up on you amidst the belly laughs with a beautiful story about the necessary adjustments we make for ourselves and our partners in our most vital relationships when the going gets rough. MacLeod has written a witty and wonderful meditation on marriage that lets you laugh a lot at the recognition of, “OH! Maybe we’re not alone after all!”

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