Digital Play Reading: Halsted

Digital Play Reading: Halsted

How do we love and find hope when we don’t have the words?

As part of RomeroFest, a month-long celebration of the diverse, thoughtful and impactful works of Arizona Theatre Company Playwright-in-Residence Elaine Romero, experience ATC’s presentation of Halsted. This new autobiographical play shares the journey of a couple when one has a stroke.

When Limbs finds he can no longer receive instructions from Brain, he seeks to find a pathway back. When Claire loses connection with the life that she knew, she traces the streets, inside and outside her mind, in a love story that transcends language, bodies, and loss. Arizona Theatre Company’s Resident Playwright Elaine Romero’s autobiographical play examines how we love and find hope when we don’t have the words.

Halsted is available for streaming at 5 PM March 10 through 5 PM March 14.

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There is no charge to watch Halsted, although you can make a donation to help support ATC!