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From Our Cohorts: Misha Kachman and the Scene Design of “The Royale”

By Howard Allen & Royce Sparks On my first day in the Arizona Theatre Company’s new Cohort Club, I listened to a table read of “The Royale,” the first play of the season and the first play choice of ATC’s new Artistic Director Sean Daniels (who brought the Cohort Club community sharing idea with him […]

From Our Cohorts: Why We Go To the Theater

There are many reasons why we go to the theater: to be amused by wit, parody, and satire; to learn something new or to see something we thought we knew in a new way; to be provoked and sometimes infuriated. But why the theater, that most ancient of art forms, when we could be at […]

From Our Cohorts: The Royale Day 18

Day 18, September 1st, 2019 This Sunday was the last day of rehearsals in the rehearsal room before the technical rehearsals begin in the theatre next week. The last two afternoon sessions involved going over certain the details at end of Scene 5 and the beginning of Scene 6, and the day ended with a […]

From Our Cohorts: The Royale Day 16

Day 16, August 30th, 2019 The last afternoon sessions were devoted to rehearsing Scene 5 and some of Scene 6. Jay and Nina were partially costumed. All the actors seem close to having memorized all their lines. Much attention was paid to detail including the way Jay’s boxing gloves should be tied and the length […]

From Our Cohorts: The Royale Day 11

Day 11, August 24th, 2019 The last two sessions of the day were devoted to scene 6. This is the climax of the play. It is a complex scene with many moving parts that have to mesh together at the end to deliver, as it were, the knockout punch. The scene centers on the confrontation […]

From Our Cohorts: The Royale Day 8

Day 8, August 21st, 2019 The last two afternoon sessions focused on Scene 5. This scene is set in the locker room just before the big fight between Jay and Bixby. The three main components are: (i) Fish presenting Jay with a gramophone; (ii) The meeting between Jay and his sister, Nina in which she […]

From Our Cohorts: The Royale Day 2

Day 2, August 14th 2019 I attended the “Table Work” sessions from 12 – 3pm (the day ended at 6pm). Scenes 1 and 2 were read through, two or three times each, and the concepts and characters were refined in the course of this iterative process. A couple of things stood out to me. In […]

From Our Cohorts: The Royale Day 1

Day 1, August 13th 2019 In the words of Sean Daniels, ATC’s Artistic Director, “Today is the first day of the revolution…” The first day of rehearsals of The Royale by Marco Ramirez began with an early morning orientation session for the Cohort Club followed by the introduction of everybody involved in the play: the […]