ATCteen is a free, radically accessible, learner-driven, artistic leadership program where students ages 13-19 take on the roles of producer, director, designer, playwright, performer and technician in order to create and produce their own theatre productions. Classes and engagement with Arizona Theatre Company professionals and productions enhance the hands on learning experience. 

We provide quality experiential learning opportunities while empowering strong leaders, developing empathetic artists, and allowing our students to explore their unique passions.  Teen members can curate their educational experience by picking from a variety of classes and activities or designing their own projects.  

As an ensemble, ATCteen produces two to three shows each season, at least one of which is a student written work. ATCteen shows are led by teen artistic teams comprised of student designers, technicians, directors, choreographers, music directors, conductors and more. The program is led by our Teen Council: a small group of dedicated students who help make the executive and artistic decisions for the program including show selection, class topics, and how we engage with the company and community.  

We empower each student to bring their unique perspective and creativity to the table.

Become an ATCteen

ATCteen is a FREE program because we believe every young person should be able to experience the magic of theatre.  

You can register to be an ATCteen here

There are so many reasons to become an ATCteen!  

 You will have the opportunity to:  

  • Produce, direct, design or perform in an ATCteen production 
  • Be involved in the creative or technical aspects of ATCteen productions 
  • Attend classes and workshops exclusive for ATCteens 
  • Plan your own artistic projects and events! 
  • Attend ATC mainstage professional shows for FREE! 
  • And so much more!

Teen Council

ATCteen is a student-led program which means our students have the unique opportunity to make major decisions for the program. Students looking to be more involved with ATCteen and the decision-making process should apply to be part of our ATCteen Council. The ATCteen Council decides programming, classes, and involvement in community events. Council members also get to shadow professionals at ATC in the areas they are interested.  The application process for becoming an ATCteen Council Member begins at the end of each school year. Benefits of Council Membership include:  

  • All ATCteen Member benefits 
  • Full scholarship to ATC Summer Programs 
  • Leading and making decisions for the program

Registration | Spring 2021

Registration for ATCteen Spring 2021 is now open! Click here to register.

ATCteen Spring 2021

Classes and Workshops

Main Gatherings

Every Friday 3:00 – 4:20 PM

Online through zoom

Friday is the ATCteen regular meeting day. We rotate though different activities on each Friday, so you are welcome to come to all of them or pick the one you’d like to come to once a month. These gatherings offer an opportunity to learn while also connecting to other students.

First Friday: Reading Hour

On the first Friday of each month we’ll read a play out loud together! This is a fun way to keep acting in a low pressure environment!

Second Friday: Play Reader’s Book Club

Do you like reading and analyzing plays? This is the right place for you! Each month we read two plays and dive in a discussion on the material! The plays are sent to you ahead of time, so that you are ready to jump into the material!

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Third Friday: Masterclass 

Our Masterclasses are with guest artists working on ATC professional productions. Masterclasses can cover a broad range of topics from theatre tech to playwriting, to the business of theatre. 

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Fourth Friday: Small Project Friday 

Small Project Friday is a great opportunity to get advice and feedback for your project ideas! Come every fourth Friday to present new ideas for collaboration to other ATCteens, ask for advice on an individual creative undertaking, o just brainstorm those potential pitches you have bouncing around in your head. Currently we are working towards and ATCteen variety showcase in late April, so if you’d like to participate, this is a fantastic space to look for other students to work with!

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Online Classes

All classes are online through zoom. Register for all classes here.

Improv 201

Taught by Rafi Herreras-Zinman. Friday March 5th – April 30th at 4:30 – 6 PM, with showcase on May 7th 

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Acting Through History

Taught by Jasmine Roth. Monday March 22nd – May 3rd at 4:30 – 6 PM.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with your love of theatre and deep desire to know so much about it, but don’t know where to start? This class if the answer! A six-week class that will cover different periods in theatre history and give you the tools needed to perform from those time periods. You’ll learn about different performance styles and innovations in theatre as they evolved through history!

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Starts Monday May 10th (end date TBD) at 4:30 – 6 PM 

If you have a story idea you want feedback on, a few ideas written down, or a whole script you want to share, then ATCteen Playwriting is the place for you. This is a judgment-free space to exhibit your work to peers and seek ideas and feedback. Creative minds can work together and support each other’s worlds with nothing more than words, pencils, and the initiative to imagine.


Productions & Performances  

All performances will be online through zoom. Register for all Performance opportunities here.


Pima Collaboration Project

Details TBA

We are incredibly excited to announce this first ever collaboration with Pima Community college! This project will grant participating ATC Teens the opportunity to perform new digital short plays based off of interviews about what it’s like to be a teenager in America right now, which will be written and directed by Pima students. We are so excited for ATC teens to get to be part of the process of developing these plays, work closely with these Pima students, have the experience of getting to play a custom written character, and to get to use theatre to talk about this subject. 

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An Ode to the Theatre Dance Project 

Details TBA

If you’re interested in extending your performance experience to spoken word poetry, please feel free to be a part of this project! It will be a small but fun rehearsal process in which you will learn simple choreography that you will eventually perform by yourself at the Temple of Music and Art, all through the audio medium of a spoken word poem written by Anya Moseke truly about honoring theatre spaces, ultimately creating a short commemorative video!

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May 7th 4:30 – 6:30 PM

Our Showcase will consist of performances from the Acting through History and Improv 201 classes, plus any small independent projects students are working on. The deadline to submit an idea to be included in the showcase is Friday April 30th. All showcase material will be approved by ATC staff and ATCteen council before acceptance into the showcase due to time constraints. 


Past Productions & Performances  

Improv Troupe: The Chaos Cult Performance (September 25th 5 pm )  

Our zany improve troupe has used their quarantine to develop their own long form improve game over zoom. On September 25th they will debut their zoomprov as it is broadcast live to YouTube!  

#Enough: Plays to End Gun Violence (Performance December 14th– 20th) 

We are honored to partner with #Enough: Plays to End Gun Violence to produce a short play on the topic of gun violence in America. Our students will design, director and produce this short play over zoom. The play will then be broadcast on Broadway on Demand alongside works by the other eight participating theatres.