Mission: We teach and create world-class theatre about what it means to be alive today; inspiring curiosity and creativity, sparking empathy and joy– bringing all Arizonans together.

Vision: To transform the lives of every student through the power of theatre.

Started in January of 2016, ATCteen is a project-based learning branch of the ATC Academy designed for students ages 13-18. The goal of this program is to create a Teen Artist Series of plays throughout the year. This series consists of three student led shows per season: two published plays and one student written play. Led by a student council and mentored by the staff of the Education Department, students learn how to produce, direct, design and act in a series of plays curated by the students themselves. In addition to producing the Young Artist Series of plays, students involved in the program also take on special outreach projects and events associated with ATC’s educational programs.

What makes this program unique?

Jobs, colleges, professional theatres: everyone is looking for individuals who are passionate about something and have demonstrated leadership in that field. We have designed this program to give our students the skills they need to not only succeed in theatre, but in life as well.

We offer:

  • Teen Artist Series of plays performed in a professional theatre setting
  • Student run events and fundraisers
  • Two free tickets to Teen Preview Night for ATC productions
  • Community Outreach projects
  • Educational events
  • Monthly theatre workshops designed just for ATCteen members

Who can join?
Any student ages 13-18 in the state of Arizona can be involved, but all events will occur in Tucson and Phoenix. There is a $50 annual participation fee. New members can join anytime.

ATCteen Members: To become an ATCteen member, click on the link below, fill out registration form and submit the $50 membership fee. All members are encouraged to participate in the monthly meetings and at least two projects per year, but your level of involvement and the amount of time you commit to ATCteen each month is up to you.

ATC Teen Council: ATCteen is led by the Teen Council. The Council is a group of student officers chosen by the members of ATCteen. Under the guidance of ATC Education staff, these leaders are the face of ATCteen and are responsible for organizing meetings, selecting plays for production, representing other member’s interests and ideas, and engaging the community through theatre arts. At the beginning of every school year, a new group of students is selected to be a part of this leadership group.

The schedule for ATCteen will vary depending on what projects and plays we are involved in. Communication will be done via email, so it is important we have updated email information for parents and students. If you are under 18 you need to have a parent or guardian’s signature before participating.

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