ATCteen is a free learner-driven interdisciplinary theatre education program. Our mission is to provide quality experiential learning opportunities while empowering strong leaders, developing empathetic artists, and allowing our students to explore their unique passions.  Teen members can curate their educational experience by picking from a variety of classes and activities or designing their own projects. 

As an ensemble, ATCteen produces two to three shows each season, at least one of which is a student written work. ATCteen shows are led by teen artistic teams comprised of student designers, technicians, directors, choreographers, music directors, conductors and more. The program is led by our ATCteen Council: a small group of dedicated students who help make the executive and artistic decisions for the program including show selection, class topics, and how we engage with the company and community. 

We believe each student brings something unique to the table and want to help them unlock their unique creative potential. 

ATCteen Member– Once you attend an ATCteen event you are officially an ATCteen member. Members participate in at least one project a year. 

As a Teen Member you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Attend ATC mainstage professional shows for FREE!
  • Attend special classes and workshops designed for ATCteens
  • Plan your own artistic projects and events!
  • Be involved in the creative or technical aspects of ATCteen productions
  • And so much more!

ATCteen Council Members– ATCteen is a student-led program which means our students have the unique opportunity to make major decisions for the program. Students looking to be more involved with ATCteen and the decision-making process should apply to be part of our ATCteen Council. The ATCteen Council decides programming, classes, and involvement in community events. Council members also get to shadow professionals at ATC in the areas they are interested.  The application process for becoming an ATCteen Council Member begins at the end of each school year. Benefits of Council Membership include: 

  • All ATCteen Member benefits
  • Full scholarship to Summer On Stage/Summer Back Stage
  • Opportunities to shadow theatre professionals at ATC
  • Leading and making decisions for the program


You can register for ATCteen at any point during the school year. No fees required, all you need to do is fill out this form and show up to any of our classes, auditions, or events. For inquiries about Tucson ATCteen please contact aburke@arizonatheatre.org, for Phoenix ATCteen please contact msutton@arizonatheatre.org. 

Due to COVID-19 ATCteen has moved online until further notice. To sign up or join the online experience please visit our Digital Classroom page

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If you want to be added to our email list for more information please email education@arizonatheatre.org.