ATC’s New Sennheiser MobileConnect Hearing Assistance System

The Future is “Hear”!

Arizona takes a leap into the future of hearing assistance systems with the installation of the Sennheiser’s MobileConnectsytem. This app based system streams audio content via WiFi live and in great quality directly on your personal smartphone. Adjust the sound characteristics intuitively with the free MobileConnect App and route the audio signal to your headphone, hearing aid or Cochlea implant. Through the app you have control of the quality of the sound balancing the sound level, bass and treble to best suit your hearing.

To access the MobileConnect system, download and install the free MobileConnect app (available for iOS and Android). Once in the theatre connect to ATC’s MobileConnect WiFi network with your own device. The MobileConnect app will stream live from the stage through Wi-Fi directly to your smartphone.

Patrons who have tried out the system have raved about the clarity of the sound, ease of operation and the lack of latency with the sound.

A few tips from our Accessibility Coordinator on how to have an optimal experience with the system:

  • Download the Mobile Connect app at home before the performance
  • Check out the Demo mode on the device. It provides instructions on adjusting the sound quality to you’re your preference.
  • Questions about connecting with your hearing aid or cochlear implant can be best addressed by your personal audiologist
  • Don’t forget to charge the batteries and bring your own headphones if needed!

We will have ushers in the lobby ready to help answer your questions during all upcoming performances. Stop by if you need help with the system.

Download the MobleConnect to your device by scanning the QR code below: