ATC Seeks Local Understudy for “Nina Simone: Four Women”

Seeking understudy actress for NINA SIMONE: FOUR WOMEN


Arizona Theatre Company, Tucson & Phoenix, Arizona.AEA LORT C $500/week

*Venue(s) and cast are fully-vaccinated. Must show proof of vaccination. 

Artistic Director: Sean Daniels
Artistic Producer: Kristi Hess 
Writer: Christina Ham
Director: Tiffany Nichole Greene 
Auditions: ASAP, remotely/ Tape

Seeking a local understudy to cover ensemble group of performers (including Nina). Late 20s-40s. Actor should be able to sing in the cast numbers.

Tucson, AZ   Phoenix, AZ  
1st Rehearsal February 1, 2022    
Tech February 22-24, 2022 Tech March 23, 2022
Final Dress Rehearsal February 25, 2022    
First Preview February 26, 2022 First Preview March 24, 2022
Open March 4, 2022 Open March 26, 2022
Close March 19, 2022 Close April 10, 2022

Synopsis: 1963.  A face-to-face musical evening with the fiery genius, activist, and musician that is Nina Simone.  Following the September 15, 1963 bombing by the Ku Klux Klan at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, she rocked the nation with “Four Women,” her tribute in song to the four little girls lost in the tragedy. Infused with traditional hymns along with her own songs and covers, Nina Simone: Four Women imagines a conversation between Simone and three Black women from various backgrounds and experiences and their fight to overcome second-class status, racism, and the stereotypes that seek to define them.

NOTE 1: “Actors who sing” are fine as long as they can do so with confidence, ease, and command. This is a play with music, but Singing is the Language they speak, with easy transitions into song on stage. (Nina is the primary singer.)

NOTE 2:  **please note if you have housing in Tucson or Phoenix. 

NINA SIMONE (aka PEACHES): Female Presenting, African-American. Singer/performer.  Focused, dynamic, single-minded.  This piece is about her and the other roles are a distraction for her: nothing they say to her offends or baits her.   A modern-day prophet, activist, & musician.  Bach and the Blues infuse her life; resistance and rebellion are her anthem.  Methodical, a mad scientist.   ***This role does all of the singing in this show.   Contralto or alto , to sing “Mississippi Goddam”, “Four Women”, “I Loves You, Porgy”, “Old Jim Crow”, “His Eye is On The Sparrow”, “Sinnerman”, “To Be Young, Gifted, and Black”, “Brown Baby”, and “No Images”.                                  

SEPHRONIA:  Female Presenting, African-American or mixed race. Elite, educated, driven by a need to prove herself and demands respect.   Driven by her passion for Civil Rights work.    Has some pain and guilt, but counters this with strength and fights for justice for Black women. Finds strength & acknowledges her truth.   Is vilified because of her lighter skin tone, but She is not a victim.             

SARAH (Aka “Auntie”)  Female Presenting, African-American.  Worked as a maid her whole life, but lives in acceptance of her current existence.   Has lived the Blues.   Comfortable in what she knows, and what she can control.  Safer to stay in her own ‘cell’; it gives her strength, and a way to cope.  Nina challenges her, and vice-versa;  Sarah is not intimidated by anyone.  Has seen it all. Can’t dream too big, though.

SWEET THING: Female presenting, African-American. She’s enticing whether she wants to be or whether she’s paid to be. She’s been tossed to and fro by life and the blows that its delivered by the men that have come and gone from her life. She’s lived on the streets for quite some time and been in and out of trouble most of her life. She’s a pistol, but has still never gotten what she really wants—love. She is the kind of woman that will steal your man when you’re not looking. Her looks have been the bane of her existence since she was a little girl.